Anti-Rug Pull Suggestion:

TLDR: We could choose to implement a phased / incremental roll-out of funds, with confirmation milestones, once a grant proposal has been successfully voted on.

While we ‘trust’ grant recipients will act in good faith, and utilize the OP tokens as promised, there really is no guarantee that they will or recourse if they don’t. I think a more measured way of distributing grant funds would be to do so in a number of phases (2 or 3) with milestones and time parameters to confirm the grant is being utilized as intended before the next distribution of OP tokens.

Some GF proposals have taken it upon themselves to self regulate in this way, by “baking-in” milestones to their template. It might be a healthy addition to the way OP handles fund distribution going forward.

Thank you for taking the time to read this suggestion.


I agree a milestone roll-out when distributing funds is far more resilient against bad actors. There are many ways this can be implemented but I’m curious as to the trade offs of this model. Further, I’d be interested in knowing how often has a team abandoned a project and taken the funds.