Admiano - Update On Our Impact Statement

This message is specifically dedicated to badgeholders in the RetroPGF3 round. I made what I now realize was a mistake when submitting application for Admiano

Our application only focused on our Optimism-specific contribution, which is a course platform for everything Optimism. These courses break down Optimism, the OP Stack, and some chains built with the OP Stack into easy-to-understand structured courses.

I have come to see that I could have added all of our overall contributions to not only Optimism but overall Web3 since the last two years when we embarked on this journey. This explains why we have only 5 ballots so far. Unfortunately, when I sent in the application, I did not realize we needed 17 votes to be eligible for any allocation until last night. This is what prompted this post.

We at Admiano are focused on promoting crypto adoption, as outlined on our website here As such, we have our own course platform where we have some FREE courses designed to onboard people to Web3 and educate inexperienced ones

In addition to that, we also have some courses created for kids. These courses are gamified and fun to play. Till date, we have helped over 1,000 kids who have benefited from them at no cost. See images below

In addition, we have our blog, where we have helpful contents to educate people about Webb3 and explain some difficult topics. Since June this year, we have been writing mostly on Binance Square, and we have written over 500 posts and articles, generating over 4.7 million views in the process and 24k+ followers. Admiano on Binance Square

And for our submission for RetroPGF3, we created OP Study, a course platform for everything Optimism. More on that in our application.

I appeal to all badgeholders to consider the additional impact we have had as outlined above in evaluating our contribution to the Optimism Collective and its goals, as well as Web3 at large.

Please vote for us. Vote for Admiano

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