Who are the current Grant Council nominees and where do decisions take place?

I am currently grasping the scale of OP collective governance structure and realms. I am trying to understand the Grant Council and its structure & purpose. Therefore my current questions are:

  • Who are the current members of the Grant Council
  • What size of funds are governed? And which fund is designated for the council to govern?
  • Are the Council committees the same as in season 4 as in season 5 ( Growth & Governance)?
  • Where does decision-making take place for the grant council and its committees?

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GM! I believe these forum posts and voting results will be useful for you:

I hope this was helpful. If you have any questions, the Grants Council frequently responds on Discord in the grants channel.


Useful tools Brichis, thanks!! :star_struck:


Hi @brichis,

Thank you so much!! Will be delving into it. This will help me understand it better!

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Hi @brichis, I returned to this thread with some new questions as I am mapping out the governance space of the Optimism collective. The previous links were very helpful and I noticed that the grant council recently launched a helpful landing page. There are a few questions that still aren’t very clear for me and you seem like the right person to ask!

The questions are:

  • The funds/resources that the grant council and its sub-committees govern are they associated with/ part of the Optimism Foundation’s budget? Linking an OP Foundation forum post as a reference. If so, which ones are overseen by the council?
  • Within the OP Foundation Mid-Year budget update I see various budget categories (Governance Fund, Partner Fund + Seed Fund + Unallocated) does the council and its sub-committees govern over any of these particular funds?
  • Coming from the DAO, Multi-sig web3 world I was wondering if these funds are in a set of on-chain treasuries? if so, where could I find these?

Much Gratitude in advance!

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Hi @0xR! I’m glad you found the information useful.

These funds are associated with the Governance Fund, and the amounts were approved through Token House voting. You can find the proposal and the voting results linked here.

The Grants Council now processes all Delegate Mission Applications (including Builder and Growth Grants) which fall under the Governance Fund.
You can find more information about Governance Fund here.

You can find the answer here:

This transition is further discussed here. Particularly interesting for you might be the section on on-chain treasury execution:

I hope this addresses your queries. Have a fantastic Friday! :sparkles:


Hi is @brichis,

Thank you so much for answering the questions! Will be going through them this weekend.

Have a blessed Firday :seedling:

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Hi @brichis,

I am returning to this thread again with some short questions diving deeper into the OP governance structure rabbit hole!

Questions are:

  • In Governance Season 5 is the Optimism Foundation the main signers of the Optimism treasury when it comes to approving budgets for funds, growth, builder, and partner grants?
  • How long does a governance season last? For example, When does season 6 officially start?
  • With the recent launch of the new security council a 2/2 multi-sig. Is it correct to assume that there are now 3 councils within the Optimisms Collective?

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GM @0xR

The budget approval for the Governance Fund (Missions-Grants) is determined by a vote from the Token House. You can view the budget proposal for each intent, for example, Intent #1 for Season 5. The Partner Fund is managed directly by the Foundation.

According to what I know, it lasts approximately 4 months and is followed by a Reflection Period and a Governance Break. The dates for Season 6 have not been released yet, but I guess it will happen in the second half of 2024.

Yes, the councils are as follows:

  1. Grants Council
  2. Security Council
  3. Code of Conduct Council

Additionally, there is the Developer Advisory Board and the Anticapture Commission.

Have a great weekend! :sparkles:


Hi @brichis ! Thank you for providing these great answers :seedling:

Is there a calendar for the governance, reflection, and break period? Would it be safe to say that it is approx. 6-8 months for an entire governance season to pass?

Give thanks again,

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