What are the Ethics of a Project that Applies for RetroPGF?

Hello OP collective

I’m writing this to understand the ethical and practical implications of having a project applying for a RetroPGF request.

I’m understanding that while feedback from individuals is not to be taken at face value, and that most likely Badge Holders have the ability of deciding where the funding goes, that there is value in getting direct feedback for aspiring RetroPGF recipients.

My broad question is:

  • Should a project seek to sustain itself through other means, or should it be a purely “charitable” project?
  • Where’s the line between a “marketing site” and a Public Good?
  • For technological projects / Infrastructure, could there be different tiers of service that would allow a project to be awarded as Public Good, or should it be free for everyone?

I ask this with the intention of respecting the ethos of the initiative while openly aiming at applying in the next round

Thank you for you time


I feel the exact sense with you. Curious about the philosophy that would be favorable for “particularly” Op collective.

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