Voting Cycle #8: Roundup

Voting Cycle 8 began on Thursday (October 20th) at 12pm PST / 7pm GMT and runs until Wednesday (November 9th) at 12pm PST / 7pm GMT.

A snapshot of delegate voting weights was taken at the start of the Voting Cycle. Voting will take place via Snapshot during Week 3 of the Voting Cycle. The OP Votable Supply on the first day of this cycle was 24,736,433.

For a detailed breakdown of the governance and voting process, please see the Operating Manual . Proposals that are not included in this thread by the end of Week 1 will not be reviewed by Committees.


Voting Cycle #8 is officially underway! This is the last Voting Cycle of Season 2. Provided your proposal has received explicit approval comments from two delegates with >0.5% voting power, as outlined in the Operating Manual, please use the below format to list your proposal in a reply to this post.

  • Proposal: [NAME]
    • Proposal: [LINK]
    • Committee to Review: (DeFi, NFT & Gaming, or Tooling)
    • Delegate Approval 1: [LINK]
    • Delegate Approval 2: [LINK]

Proposals will be reviewed by committees only if they (a) have two explicit delegate approvals and (b) are added to this Voting Cycle Roundup thread by the end of Week 1 (October 26th at 7pm GMT/12pm PST.)

Please remember that all grant recipients will need to provide KYC information to the Optimism Foundation to receive this grant. Proposals that have not agreed to this by checking β€œYes” to the related field in the grant proposal template, will not be included.


Proposal: Optimism :handshake: Tally Ho


Proposal: Socket

  • Proposal: Alchemix
    • Proposal: LINK
    • Committee to Review: DeFi
    • Delegate Approval 1: LINK
    • Delegate Approval 2: LINK
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