Voting Cycle #6: Roundup

Voting Cycle #6: Roundup

Voting Cycle 6 began on Thursday (September 8th) at 12pm PST / 7pm GMT and runs until Wednesday (September 28th) at 12pm PST / 7pm GMT.

A snapshot of delegate voting weights was taken at the start of the Voting Cycle. Voting will take place via Snapshot during Week 3 of the Voting Cycle.

For a detailed breakdown of the governance and voting process, please see the updated Operating Manual.


Voting Cycle 6 is officially underway! Provided your proposal has received explicit approval comments from two delegates with >0.5% voting power, as outlined in the Operating Manual, please use the below format to list your proposal in a reply to this post.

  • Proposal A: [NAME]
    • Proposal: [LINK]
    • Delegate Approval 1: [LINK]
    • Delegate Approval 2: [LINK]

Proposals will be included in the Snapshot vote only if they (a) have explicit delegate approval and (b) are added to this Voting Cycle Roundup thread.

Please remember that all grant recipients will need to provide KYC information to the Optimism Foundation to receive this grant. Proposals that have not agreed to this by checking “Yes” to the related field in the grant proposal template, will not be included in the Voting Roundup.


Proposal A: dHEDGE

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Proposal A: Otterspace


FYI…please update both approval as per new guideline from foundation.

Proposal A: Tarot


Updated @OPUser - should be compliant now

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Proposal A: Across Protocol


Proposal A: Revert Finance Compoundor

Proposal A: Kromatika Finance

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Proposal A: OptiChads

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Proposal A: Socket

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Proposal A: Interest Protocol

Proposal A: LI.FI

Proposal A: Homora V2

Proposal A: Sushi

Can we please lock this thread. Cycle 6 is closed now and last two proposal above my comment should be part of Cycle 7

@Trudahamzik @prima @cshg
Apologies, the last day to include your proposal in this roundup thread was the last day of Week 2 of Voting Cycle #6 (September 21st.) This post should have been archived at that point. You can submit your proposals for Voting Cycle #7, which begins on September 29th! We will make the cutoff date clearer on future Roundup threads.