Voting Cycle #1: Roundup

This is a well documented review of Phase 0 proposal. This takes time but I wish other delegates will do the same.
I will echo your review as it align with my view.


Proposal A
Vote: No
We went back and forth on this. We considered voting yes even with our concerns to get the ball rolling, but ultimately decided that we care about upholding a high standard and this is hard to do with the batch vote. Even if only a small number of projects are of concern, we can’t separate them out when batched. In addition, we would have liked to see some more transparency around the batch sums / numbers to help inform the macro decision.

Proposal B
Vote: No
We considered being lenient with deadlines here because it is the first round, but considering we were voting no on Proposal A which included several legitimate projects that did follow the rules for submission, it does not seem fair to give Uniswap special treatment here. In voting no, we hope to indicate support for following processes and upholding a high standard. We would support this proposal if resubmitted in the future

Proposal C
Vote: No
Similar rationale as Proposal B for following processes and upholding a high standard.

I have OP tokens (delegated). Only my delegate can vote on Snapshot ?