Users who sold the initial OP airdrop should become ineligible for all future airdrops

Then why should the “Tokens sold/ not sold” status be an option anyway? The most important criteria is how active a wallet is and how frequently it interacts with dapps in the Optimism ecosystem


100% agree with the sentiment here.

Token movement and trading is the only path to keep holders alive. Let’s imagine what happens when BTC is held only by all “believers” and stays permanently in the miner’s address after it has been mined?
The changing of hands of assets is the transfer of consensus from one body to another. This transfer is akin to Darwinian evolution, where the good and valuable are always embraced by the market and pursued and agreed upon by all. What is the point of consensus if optimism relies on compulsory lock-in airdrops to maintain “price” and “consensus”? How is it different from banning your people from leaving the country and proving that they are patriotic by doing so?
I’m not selling my OP, but I’m not proud of that behaviour. I just recognise it relatively more and I would be more willing to use our development to attract more people to become holders like me rather than by punishing.
People suffer the consequences for their choices, but that doesn’t mean we can threaten to get everyone on our side. Consensus is like a river that flows only to the most suitable place and ignores the king and his army on the shore. It is like love, you can never force anyone to really love you by any means.

Alternatively, we could consider adding the option in a future airdrop to reward those who adhere to the holder. Rewarding our supporters rather than punishing all potential possible friends. Our ultimate goal is to have more supporters, not to punish all those who exercise their asset management rights.

Instead of becoming ineligible for future airdrops reward those who didn’t sell with a special soulbound NFT that helps with Governance in the future (Citizen House).


I agreed that your situation

I agree with you, to sustainable development OP eligible airdrop Should be chosen

Totally agree with this mate… Must be discussed in the VELO discord!

I like this idea a lot.


this proposal is super silly.
lots of smart ppl sell part after claim at good price waited till it op was 0.48 and buy back then sell on 0.9 what is the problem with that smar ppl know how to get some good trades, maybe those who sell everything and never buy anything back ok, but still not a smart move to OP token future :slight_smile:

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I did sell because I got stuck at a dev conference. I bought again at the first opportunity I got. Now I do provide some liquidity and interact with op chain a lot more now.

Seems impractical. The biggest “sin” imo would be to bridge the OP airdrop to mainnet and never return. This seems counterproductive for Optimism since the airdrop was intended to spur use of the chain.

But selling an airdrop is common sense as that is what the market is always most likely to do.

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To punish people for choosing to sell is the same as controlling what they can do. You can dress it up as not rewarding a certain unwanted behavior but that is essentially what it is, trying to control the market.

Those who sold and did not rebuy will mostly be rekt by missing out on their opportunity anyway because smart money will always be one step ahead and move the market before they can get back in.

Let the market do it’s thing. Governance is not about control of the market, it’s about ensuring the market remains free from control.


Besides, someone bought cheap Optimism. I regret that I did not buy cheap Ether.


Though cannot agree with you, incentives will help OP grow.