Users who sold the initial OP airdrop should become ineligible for all future airdrops

Agreed, there are many reasons for selling. You don’t need OP to be a citizen, so why do you need OP to participate in future airdrops? Reward activity, growth, and actions - not accumulation.

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Great points - airdrops are only on incentive, there are many more that be can tied to real engagement and participation. The community should be a virus, not a staking pool.

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I understand why you would think this is a good idea but it isn’t users should be free to do what they want with their airdrop. However, if a user took their airdrop sold it and moved ALL their funds out of the ecosystem you would have my support on that.

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No i think this would set a terrible precedence for free markets!

Don’t cut them off but pay them less.


You want to reward token holders and delegators. The reward (larger 2nd airdrop) should be proportional to the # of tokens held.

For example: if you hold no tokens, you would get no ‘bonus reward’ airdrop. If you held the initial airdrop, you would get the base reward. If you hold more tokens, your reward increases.

Intermediate selling has 0 relevance here and is a personal trading decision.

Eg, you could have sold your initial airdrop (allowing new users to enter OP governance btw) and bought back triple that initial amount now. In hindsight, that would have been the smart thing to do since your governance power increased this way. I don’t see why that should be punished.

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Totally agree with you.

i dont know what do yu mean brother , are you not eligible airdrops, do noy cry bro

It’s an airdrop. So I think they can do anything they want. however, the ecosystem can set the new criteria for the next airdrop.


Its a terrible cant ask anyone to follow your mind,people can decide itself tokens.

yes, who sold all, not hodl even 1.

i am eligible bro so i’m not crying at all :slight_smile:

This proposal has been the topic of a much broader discussion in the crypto community, so I wanted to contribute my perspective as a pro-Optimism dumper. This proposal would benefit the Optimism community. The largest reason is that holders can be fit into two camps (poor traders and optimism fanatics). As a community, we need to look out financially for these two groups in order to keep the network users in good morale. Additionally, there will almost certainly be future liquidity mining campaigns will provide OP yield opportunities for early dumpers provided they remain in the ecosystem.

Just for elucidation, those who did not sell are poor traders because the FDV was 5.5 billion. The entire global asset market is in contraction and safer and higher yields are possible outside of defi. Additionally, almost all airdrops are “Down Only.” Futhermore, there is not currently any staking mechanism or collateral opportunities to utilize OP. It would be wise to expect that large investors were shorting OP immediately.

I agree. Hodlers are here to see Optimism thrive. Support the supporters not the takers.

He will not ask you, he will use the won prize as he wishes. If you had the opportunity, I’m sure you would sell it first :wink:


It is necessary to collect and stimulate interesting ideas and projects, then the capital will be concentrated and stored for a long time. Also, some acquire new equipment for better participation in the development of projects.

I’m a bit torn on this subject. I feel like OP token holders can do as they please with their tokens, without being punished for it in the future. However I must admit that an extra reward for holding onto the tokens and believing in the project does incentivize even more interaction with the platform…

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Also totally agree with this proposal…

I sold part of my airdrop (about 70%). I claimed velo thanks to an earnifi notification, did not know what it was, swapped for OP. Does that make me a bad guy? No, I don’t think so. We’re in a bear market, I’ll jump back in when it will be the right time. If I’m excluded from upcoming airdrops for that, just be it - but I don’t think it’s really fair. Trading is part of crypto.