[updates] Improving Governance Accessibility through Praise and Contribution Based Attestations

Gm :sunny:

I’m Pedro Parrachia, a long-term regen and Praise contributor. On behalf of the Praise team, I’ve created this post as the official channel for updates and inquiries about our project to Improve Governance Accessibility through Praise and Contribution Based Attestations.

We will be providing regular updates on our progress, and we welcome your feedback and suggestions at every step of the way.


First update!
We’re excited to share our preliminary findings as part of our ongoing efforts to map out the custom attestation needs of the Optimism community. This document is a living one and will continue to evolve as our research progresses. We welcome your questions, comments, and insights, so feel free to share them directly on the document, here, or via DMs.


Hello Optimism Family,

This is Justina, the lead at Praise :woman_mage:

I’m thrilled to announce that we’re organizing a Twitter Space dedicated to the Optimism community! Join us this Wednesday (2th of August) at 6 PM CET for a wonderful opportunity to connect, share ideas, and have real-time interaction. Here’s the link to hop in: https://twitter.com/givepraise/status/1684195405477584896?s=20

Here at Praise, we stand for radical transparency, building in public, and fostering a collaborative design approach. We can’t wait to discuss our plans, track our progress, and exchange thoughts with all of you. But that’s not all - we’re even more eager to hear from YOU.

This event is your chance to ask questions, voice your ideas, and provide valuable feedback. Let’s remember, every voice matters, and we’re looking forward to hearing yours!

Can’t wait to see you there!


So, here’s another bit of good news! We’ve successfully installed the Praise bot, and it’s raring to go. Plus, we’ve set up a shiny new channel on the OP Discord server just for it. So, whether you want to activate your account, dish out some Praise, or just see what’s happening in the world of OP from the lens of Praise, that’s the place to be.

Remember, this is a living, breathing project, and we’re learning as we go. So, if you’ve got any questions or comments, please drop them here or DM me.

Oh, and stay tuned for workshops and praise sessions!

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This is our second milestone report, and we’ve successfully integrated Praise into the Optimism community Discord! Here’s a detailed rundown of where we are:

  • Praise Bot: Our new bot is live, allowing you to dish out Praise directly within OP discord server. It’s user-friendly and ready for action!
  • Discord Channel: The “Feel the Love” channel is now open on Discord. Here, you can praise, react, and learn more about fellow Optimists as they dish and receive praise.
  • Dashboard: We’ve launched a comprehensive dashboard where you can track Praise activities, see trends, and get insights into how Praise is being used.
  • Upcoming Workshops/Sessions: Soon mark your calendars for hands-on workshops and interactive sessions where we’ll explore Praise’s features, share best practices, and answer your questions.
  • Attestation Dev Progress: We’re making steady progress on the attestation front. Your feedback is vital, so keep it coming!

It’s time for our 1st Community Demo! Join us today just after delegates call, for the first of many.

During this demo we’ll guide you through the steps of activating your account, crafting meaningful praises, how to make your praises stand out, what makes a praise really click, and how to keep the love flowing.


Gm :sunny:

This is our third milestone report, and I am writing to update you on the progress of integrating the attestation feature into the Praise Dashboard.

Planning Stage: Completed analysis of custom attestation needs and formulated a strategic development plan.
Design Stage: Designed a user-centric interface, ensuring alignment with the Praise Dashboard’s functionality.
Coding Stage: Successfully translated design into code, with a focus on robustness and technical alignment.
Testing Stage: We’ve started this week rigorous testing to ensure reliability, efficiency, and seamless integration.

The development is progressing smoothly, on track to meet our projected timeline for completion.

Praise Community Events: We also are excited to announce that we are planning one community events per week on Discord, stay tuned! These events are designed to help the community learn how praise works, how to get started, and to Feel the Love. We invite you to join us in these interactive sessions as we explore the power of praise within the Optimism community.

Finally, here is a short demo video of the attestation feature:


Gm :sunny:

I am pleased to provide an update on the final stages of the attestation feature for the Praise Dashboard and our fourth milestone:

  • Testing Phase: Rigorous testing has been conducted to ensure the feature’s reliability, efficiency, and seamless integration.
  • Refinement Process: Based on the test results and feedback, very few refinements were necessary and have been successfully implemented.
  • Readiness for Deployment: The attestation feature has passed all quality checks and is almost ready for deployment.

On a second note, we’re also excited to inform how there are now more than a hundred praises dished in less than a month since its implementation! From this, the quantification stage has begun, and soon we’ll share an open invitation to “Help Build the Love” AKA assign numerical scores to praise statements.

Don’t miss this opportunity to join a small step for onchain reputation and a giant leap to recognizing unique contributions to the Optimism ecosystem. Dish praise on the Feel the Love discord channel, contribute to quantification or simply ask questions, share feedback, and spread the word!


Cool to see!

One question on the data: will scores for individual contributions be public?

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Hey @s_ben great question. The final, averaged score, of Individual contributions will be public, yes.
This is a key aspect of the data analysis stage and overall goal for transparency and composability. You can read more about that stage here.
And please let me know if you have any other question.

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Quick update! We’re pushing our report for the 5th milestone to this Friday, 2 days from now, because of a last minute insightful feedback. Stay tuned!

Ty @parrachia :pray:

Had looked at that data analysis page, but was only seeing higher level aggregations of scores. But digging into the analysis notebooks, looks like you can access via API.


A brief update on our 5th milestone: We’ve successfully completed a partial delivery and anticipate full completion by next week. For details on what has been delivered so far, please refer to this link.

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GM :sunny:
Reporting on our 6th milestone, the Retroactive Attestations Workshop has been rescheduled to the 22nd of this month. This decision aligns with our commitment to deliver a high-quality and impactful experience. Here are the reasons for the new date:

Technical Upgrades: We’re implementing some final technical enhancements to ensure a top-notch workshop experience.
Content Refinement: The extra time allows us to fine-tune the workshop content, ensuring it is comprehensive and relevant.
Community Feedback: We’ve received valuable input from the community that we’re eager to incorporate, making the workshop even more aligned with your needs.

We’re excited about the improvements this will bring to the workshop and look forward to dishing praise together with you on the 22nd!


Heads up, due to bookkeeping reasons, we’re posting our report for the final milestone directly in the original forum proposal below. Stay tuned for our workshop tomorrow and final presentation Friday!