Update on Aave's OP Allocation from OP Stimpack phase 0

Hello Optimism community! Aave Grants DAO (AGD) has posted an update to the Aave governance forum to gain community support as to how the OP we received as part of OP Stimpack phase 0 should be allocated.

Please see the full post here: [TEMP CHECK] Allocation of 300k OP Received by Aave Grants DAO - Governance - Aave

We are proposing allocating up to 100,000 OP as part of the current AGD proposal and keeping the remaining 200,000 OP in the AGD multisig for future seasons of AGD. We are thankful to have received the funds and want to exercise diligence in allocating them. We believe that at current market prices, the original amount received can support several quarters of AGD and ensure long-term support for teams building in the Optimism Aave ecosystem.

Apologies if this is posted in the wrong category - I was unable to add a comment to the original thread as it is locked. Happy to re-post elsewhere if there is a better fit.