The Age of Enlightenment

The worldcoin iris biometric crypto projects built by Sam Altman came with its challenges.

The challenges were faced by crypto lovers and non crypto lovers as well.

It all begun when i had a call at dawn around 1:30a.m from a crypto friend in GHANA :ghana: who was having difficulty in moving $WLD from his trust wallet because he needed $OP as gas.

He said you are the only person i know can help me out, kindly assist me.

Though a #Tronic by default i knew how to solve his problem in seconds.

I know how to move funds from binance to trust wallet and vice versa through other blockchain networks, though i have seen the optimism chain but have never bothered to try it before.

The time for a life changing experience was now upon me. I bought $ETH and moved it to my friends wallet through optimism chain and the Gas paid for the transaction was cheaper than expected.

I was very amazed, so all this while i could buy $ETH and move it to my wallet without having to worry about gas??

It was at this time i realised we have all been missing out especially we Ghanaians.

For lack of knowledge my people perish, i have now taken it upon myself to let people in Ghana know about Optimism chain.

Sharing they say is caring. Be Optimistic!