SEED Latam | Regarding the selection of the new badgeholders for our members

Hi Optimism Community,

João here. I want to express my deep appreciation for the valuable work that Optimism is doing. I’m thrilled to be a badgeholder in this Round and contribute to the community, especially by raising awareness within the Brazilian crypto community.

Before diving into my contributions, let’s clarify a few facts about me, as there has been some confusion and misinformation circulating without proper research.

I initially graduated from Law School, but my true passion lies in crypto. Being a part of this ecosystem, characterized by mutual support and shared benefits, is truly remarkable. My journey began by creating video content in Portuguese covering topics related to crypto, DeFi, DAOs, and web3, with the aim of spreading knowledge among Portuguese speakers (you can find my work here).

Furthermore, I spent nearly two years as a member of the Core Team at Bankless BR DAO, the first Brazilian DAO. During my time there, I wore many hats, from marketing and community management to governance, podcasting, and even coordinating the writing guild. This diverse experience was especially valuable because we were pioneering the establishment of a DAO in Brazil, without any local precedents to guide us.

In line with my mission to educate Portuguese speakers about Ethereum, I co-founded EtherCast Brasil, the first Brazilian source of information dedicated to the Ethereum ecosystem.

Earlier this year, I was one of the creators of Modular Crypto, a media organization committed to providing the most reliable source of information about crypto in Brazil. Our educational efforts cater not only to newcomers but also to experienced participants seeking to deepen their knowledge of crypto. We produce content nearly every day, covering crypto news, weekly Ethereum rollups, articles, research, and more.

After ETH Argentina I also decided to help create Optimism Português to bring more awareness about Optimism to Portuguese speakers. We are far from where we want, but we are taking the first steps, organizing ourselves and starting to create and publish content about Optimism.

To keep this message concise, I’ve compiled a list of my contributions and mentions related to Optimism over the past few years, which you can find below:

To give even more context about my nomination, several months after meeting CryptoChica in Brazil, we met again in Argentina, where she talked to me about all the work she is doing with governance and also invited me to be a badgeholder, making it clear, since the beginning, that this is something of extreme importance and responsibility.

Given how busy web3 events are, we talked about the subject again when I had already returned to Brazil, where we held meetings so she could explain more about how the work of a badgeolder works.

Thank you for your attention, and I look forward to continuing to contribute to the Optimism community.

And thanks again to Cryptochica for trusting me and, from the day we met, making me even more excited to study governance on web3.

Feel free to reach out if you have any doubts and/or questions.