SEED Latam | Regarding the selection of the new badgeholders for our members

Hello, Optimism community! Lucy over here, thanks for the opportunity to share and collaborate with this ecosystem I have so much admiration for! A Little background about me and what I can contribute as a Badge holder for this RetroPGF round.

I’ve been active in the Ethereum ecosystem for a little over three years. As a community leader in my city of Tegucigalpa, I have contributed to the growth of the local and national community, organizing educational meetups, designing grant and scholarship programs for Hondurans to attend events abroad, and strengthening the local ecosystem. Directly in public goods, I have been part of the launch of 2 rounds of QF with, provided support to the Devcon Bogota CLR Round, and was part of the commission of Kipu Impact that provided support to Cryptochica on the past RetroPGF2 where we analyzed the 195 projects. I have contributed to educational spaces to promote Public Goods as a growth opportunity for the web3 ecosystem.

More related to the Optimism Ecosystem, we partnered with a local University and Zapper in Español team (To onboard students), a museum and Moonbirds (to onboard artists and collectors), and the Optimism in Español team (to onboard the local community):

If you want to know more about the Honduras community and what we do, you can read our quarterly reports that we have been publishing since last year:

You can also see all the activities we do on our Twitter:

I want to thank Joxes for also considering my “traditional” background where before joining the ecosystem my work was focused on social projects such as fighting against gender and social violence through international cooperation, promoting advocacy, and political participation. This provides me with a set of skills and knowledge that I can offer to the Optimism ecosystem in things like really defining project results, identifying best community growth practices, and legitimizing the value of our input as individuals and also from the projects that are put forth in this RetroPGF round. I must emphasize that I had a series of talks with Joxes and many discussions about being a Badgeholder and the ethos of Optimism before being accepted.

Feel free to reach out if you want to learn more about the activities we organize in Ethereum Honduras, unfortunately, Carlos is not a good source, for many months his job has been to defame what we do, but we don’t want to bring this kind of situations to the governance of Optimism. I think the important thing is what lies ahead, which is RetroPGF3. Any doubts or questions, or if you want to collaborate with the Honduran community feel free to contact me on Twitter @lucya_eth.