Security Council Communication Thread

Welcome to the Security Council Communication Thread!

The goal of the Security Council is to turn admin keys for OP Mainnet, and eventually, all OP Chains in the Superchain, over to a public, decentralized set of individual actors accountable to Optimism Governance.

This thread will keep Optimism Governance updated on the activities of the Security Council.


  • Kris Kaczor (Phoenix Labs)
  • Layne Haber (Connext)
  • Jon Charbonneau (DBA)
  • Alejandro Santander (Independent, former Synthetix)
  • Mariano Conti (Independent, former MakerDAO)
  • Martin Tellechea (The Graph Foundation)
  • Yoseph Ayele (Borderless Africa)
  • OP Labs PBC
  • Yoav Weiss (Ethereum Foundation)
  • Test in Prod
  • Coinbase Technologies, Inc. (Base)
  • Elena Nadolinkski (Ironfish)
  • L2Beat
  • Alisha.eth [Security Council Lead]

Internal Operating Procedures

The Internal Operating Procedures for the Security Council can be viewed HERE.

Security Council site

Activities of the Security Council, such as protocol upgrades and monthly calls, can be viewed on This site was created for the benefit of Security Council members and is shared here for transparency.


Extremely interested in the blockchain Dapp tools. Very curious on the projects that Security Counsel has included, or what is being worked on. As a person that has a degree in Networking with Cisco Devices and Cybersecurity and education in security, for blockchain I believe there has to be a way to go further in the near future with offline transactions and ensuring security; especially there are ways to delegate nodes towards helping Optimism with more utility that protects people be able to have more protection in a future that could run testing first and innovate a huge problem in the Defi ecosystem. One people losing funds. What if they sent a transaction to the wrong network and there was app that provided an image file or code to react as a catching contract. Nothing is perfect, but in time and collaboration more efficient offline transactions will be a future of crypto and trust needed to provide services that can change offline technology in several ways . The tokens used were part of a smart contract specialized as a security token made; a security feature that could take away the scammers ability to utilize real OP tokens, because the smart contract takes the official OP tokens and holds them in a multi sig wallet. Giving a person the ability to get there funds back through means of either an extra layer of protection, but through means of a voted on security. Then the security tokens either burn up if in the wrong address, or are transferred/unlocked as spendable Optimism tokens.

Hello @alisha.eth and Security Council, we believe point #3 of our latest communication thread might be of interest to you! Code of Conduct Council Communication Thread - #21 by CoCCouncil