ScaleWeb3 - Delegate Communication Thread

This thread is intended to provide an insight to ScaleWeb3, a record of ScaleWeb3’s voting, reasoning for each vote and a collection of important comments across the Optimism forum & proposals.

Name: ScaleWeb3
Delegate Address (ENS): 0xA56DfbE8010a8830a9Fe5B56e8efF7236e277120 (Superdelegate.eth)
Forum Activity: Profile - ScaleWeb3 - Optimism Collective

ScaleWeb3 is a company specifically created to support quality projects (l1s, l2s, DeFi, Web 3) with

  • ecosystem building incl. strategy input, stakeholder onboarding, education, value-adding tools & apps for all kinds of Web 3 stakeholders (users, investors, projects, etc.)
  • input to products
  • input to governance governance.

We leverage, and more channels to distribute quality info.

PS: We have had issues with our l1 multisig voting on Optimism after voting cycle #2 due to a security change from Snapshot. Pls redelegate from ScaleWeb3.eth to Superdelegate.eth! :slight_smile:


Our Delegate Committment :point_down:


Our votes in cycle #1

For better readability, see summary below:

  • Voted YES on the batch vote (pre-screened by Optimism Foundation)
  • Voted YES on Uniswap (late submission) and 0x (use funds 100% for grant distribution) as both proposals are value-adding to the Op ecosystem.
  • Asked 1Inch in their forum to add more details on Op engagement & adjust distribution of Op tokens before voting - which a.o.t. led to them ending up in the batch vote again.
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Our votes in cycle #2


In voting cycle 2 we came up with the following assessment criteria for proposals:

Value-add: Very small - Very high (Project Size, Product importance for Op, User/TVL Onboarding)
Amount: Reasonable - Too much (compared w/ value-add, use of funds)
Op distribution: Bad (internal development, venture funding) - Good (long-term, unique, value-add…)
Co-incentives: None - Great

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Our votes in cycle #3

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:loudspeaker: Please redelegate from ScaleWeb3.eth to Superdelegate.eth

Delegated votes to ScaleWeb3.eth cannot be used anymore. Manual redelegation is required.

Explanation below :point_down:

We tried to solve this over the span of 2 weeks and had been in contact with Snapshot, Gnosis Safe and other delegates but due to the sudden Snapshot change & our setup of the l1 mulsitig we are not able to use the address on Optimism and for Optimism governance voting anymore.

:stop_sign: Please redelegate from ScaleWeb3.eth to Superdelegate.eth

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Our votes in cycle #4 (Pls redelegate from ScaleWeb3.eth → Superdelegate.eth for cycle #5)

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Our shared Proposal for a DeFi committee
with @OPUser @MinimalGravitas @DeFi_LATAM_Joxes @Dhannte

Can’t wait to get more engaged w/ Op projects & DeFi proposals which should ultimately show

  • great alignment with Optimism,
  • real value-add for user/project onboarding AND retention through clever incentive design;

as these 2 factors are criticial to bootstrap growth & achieve lasting success as Op-Eth-Web3 ecosystem.

We plan to also share some blogs on interesting, unique, potentially sticky liquidity mechanisms, short- & long-term ecosystem/DeFi strategies incl. KPIs worth optimizing for. Hence, it would be nice to have the comprehensive proposal assessments, and research proposal claims (KPIs) vs. actual results! :slight_smile: