S02 Committee Proposal: Decentralized Finance Governance Committee: Group A

Vote: Abstain

We are involved in this committee.

Note really sure how I should vote here. I am favoring abstaining at the moment as I already voted for another DeFi proposal (C). I don’t have anything against this proposal, and the members also seem capable but I guess I should only vote for 1 out of the 3 DeFi committees unless I misunderstood the process.

Hey @lefterisjp - thanks for your transparency.

We have been grateful for your contribution to OP thus far and would love to continue a similar commitment via this committee.

While I understand it may feel contradictory, the amendment to now include four total committees (vs. previously three), makes voting on multiple teams within different categories welcomed.

We have seen this with other large delegates (Olimpio, Polynya, etc.)

Hope this helps!

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Echoing what Fig said, from our understanding, it is acceptable to vote for 2 of the 3 DeFi committees if you wish.

Voted β€˜For’.

  1. Committee is very active in the forum, voting, and organising the collective.
  2. Their combined voting power is high, and their career experience is very relevant & senior, and thus they should be having a say in these committees.

Okay then I will vote for 1 more other than C.

Voting: for.

Our entire rational is posted here.

I voted FOR this committee.

Very active voices and clear leaders in OP governance.

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snapshot vote - passed