[REVIEW][GF Phase 1 Proposal] Optimism 🤝 Tally Ho

I don’t see why not!

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Could you specify how much OP will be used as incentives for the gas costs? Will you reimburse 100% or 50% of the gas cost used in bridging?

I’m trying to leave a little room so we can experiment each epoch. For example, instead of a gas rebate per swap or bridge… we could include a merkleroot for Polygon and Arbitrum Uniswap users from the past week as a Sybil resistance measure, then market to them to switch try bridging and swapping on Optimism.

Generally, we’d rather give some users larger rewards for switching and others fewer or none… rather than paying for gas for everyone.


I am in support of this proposal. I have downloaded and used several versions of the Tally Ho Wallet extension and I really enjoy using it. I have found Tally Ho to be extremely community focused, providing incredible support and education to its user base, via discord, Twitter, and Github resources.
I was very excited to see the release of Optimism Network, the ux is very smooth.
I especially like the NFT viewer, this is a seamless feature that allows me to view any collection on any chain. I think this is noteworthy, other wallets and viewers make it difficult to identify some of my NFT’s. Tally Ho simply “switches” my viewer and loads all the NFT’s (on that network) automatically. I think a feature like this will attract snd retain many new users to the Optimism Network.


Where can we apply to Thesis for incubation ?

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Great question! Off topic for this this thread but I’ll reach out.

I am an Optimism delegate [Delegate Commitments - #66 by quixotic] with sufficient voting power, and I believe this proposal is ready to move to a vote.


Good Idea!
The tokenomics are really important for a good project.


Good team, idea is perfect, like it :+1:


I support of this proposal. Been using Tally Ho wallet for quite some time and really like the UI which is easy to use.

For token distribution, I like the idea of providing the incentives to other DAPPs to incentivise them to develop and integrate DAPPs to the wallet which will be benefit for end users to be able to use those DAPPs directly from the wallet.

Looking forward to additional features such as mobile app that also supports H/W wallet as well as the support of other L2 networks like Ar… (can I say this here? lol).


Доброго времени суток!!! Поддерживаю это предложение!! Желаю здравствовать и процветать!!


Is tally Ho have native token? by the way i like this proposal. OP will only use to growing the OP ecosystem is the good idea.


Is tally Ho have native token?

It doesn’t yet, but there’s a plan.

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i already downloaded Tally Ho wallet.I have a question (maybe newbie), there’re a way to link ETH just by import ETH address. Is it too easy and safe?

Hey, awesome that you’ve tried it out!

What you’ve probably used is the ‘read only’ mode. It’s a feature that shows data that is publicly available.

Screen Shot 2022-10-26 at 17.26.31

You can add any address you want, view balances, NFTs, connect to dApps etc. The only thing you can’t do is sign transactions, because you don’t have the actual keys.

So say you’re in a place where you don’t have access to your keys, or you don’t want to import your keys, it still shows you what’s going on in your wallet in the same UI you’re used too.

Hope that answers your question?

thanks for this information. I already understand how Tally Ho wallet operate. Very impressive!

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Hi @mhluongo! congrats in developing this wallet extension.

I’m reviewing the proposal and I want to take some few points:

(100K) Can you specify more about what type of campaigns do the team in mind? any details?

(100K) Same here, please.

In the overall, the proposal makes sense (just offer more details) but the idea of experimentation combined with a 12-month distribution process may not be the best approach. My suggestions is reduce to ~seven months (and same for OP tokens requested, that is by a factor 7/12) and try to re-apply (in a new proposal) in the next year in case of success. For this, add to the proposal (see lastest template) a list of milestones/KPIs as reference.

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I agreed to proposal. Nice proposal

Hey @SEED_LATAM_Joxes!

We’ve been fairly successful so far with Optimism-specific NFT campaigns, and want to riff on those with $OP giveaways. We’ve seen over 7k new Optimism x Tally Ho users from the last 3 campaigns.

I’m asking for a little flexibility here because I want our growth team to be able to optimize as we go, making sure we hit as many new users as possible per $OP distributed.

Updating now!

I’d rather stick with the same amount and shorten the distribution with a strong KPI. Updating the proposal to reflect that.

Thank you so much for the feedback!

I’ve updated the proposal to…

  • Clarify the sort of user acquisition campaigns we’d like to run, and the success we’ve had with them so far.
  • Clarify what I believe would be an acceptable minimum KPI at the end of the period (15k Optimism users via Tally Ho). I think we can outperform this by quite a bit, but until the first emission it’s hard to estimate more tightly.
  • Shorten the timeline to 6 months. It’s a bit easier to reason about with annualized numbers than 7 months.

We’d also be interested in sharing details on how each campaign is going on a bi-weekly cadence so the community can learn with us… let me know if you think there’s appetite, and whether here, Discord, or elsewhere would make the most sense!

This suggestion appears fine after the current revisions.
They are completely community-based projects that receive funding through public benefit initiatives like gitcoin grants.