[REVIEW] [GF: Phase 1] InsureDAO

Recommendation from DeFi committee C


The proposal is well formulated, clear and descriptive. Also, the IsuranceDAO team answered all the questions in the forum and updated their proposal according to the comments received.


InsuranceDAO is the only native insurance protocol in Optimism offering insurance for more Op projects (18) than others. The proposal mainly plans to achieve more liquidity (-> underwriting) which would enable more cover purchases and more risk hedging.


Insuredao is a relatively new, small project compared to other players in the insurance area, such as Nexus Mutual and Insurace, with less than $1M in total coverage. Traction is small as they didn’t allow users to underwrite so far but limits per project are reached on Optimism & they are opening the underwriting function now. This grant could be catalytic and lead to a kickstart.


100K OP seems reasonable for the size of the project. Distribution is mainly focused on incentivizing liquidity and a small amount for integrations and token liquidity.


Not officially confirmed but will try to match.


InsuranceDAO has the highest number of hedges in the optimism chain. This could be interpreted as an indication that it’s aligned with the network.

$2M Liquidity
$1M Insurance Purchases
$45K Pool liquidity for Insure-WETH on Velodrome

Recommendation:- YES

Our past recommendation is available on committee recommendation thread