[DEPRECATED][GF: Phase 1 Proposal] MakerDAO

Project Name: MakerDAO

Author Name: @Facundo @JenSenhaji

Number of OP tokens requested: 500,000

L2 Recipient Address: TBD

Relevant Usage Metrics: (TVL, transactions, volume, unique addresses, etc.)

You can see an overview of MakerDAO’s metrics at @SebVentures’s Dune here


Currently, Maker has +6 billion Dai in circulation with +$8 billion of total value locked as collateral across hundreds of thousands of loans. MakerDAO is #1 in TVL on Mainnet and DAI is the most used stablecoin in terms of on-chain velocity

Since July 21’, Dai is supported in the Optimism ecosystem through the Optimism official bridge. Dai is one of the most used stable-coins in Optimism with over ~$20M liquidity and it was the first stablecoin to reach 1M and 50M in TVL on Optimism.

Dai is supported across almost all the dApps in the Optimism ecosystem. For example, users could lend Dai in Aave v3, swap in Uniswap/Curve and leverage LPs positions into Arrakis Finance, to mention some use-cases.

USDC/DAI is the pair with the highest TVL across Uniswap and WETH/DAI has over ~$12M 7d volume, being this the 2º highest WETH pair with a stable-coin.

In Aave v3, Dai is the most lended stable-coin behind USDC with ~$1.1M.

Optimism alignment (up to 200 word explanation):

At the end of July/August, Maker is planning to launch a fast-withdrawals bridge for Dai to allow users to withdraw Dai near-instant and skip the 7 days lockup period.

The Maker protocol is uniquely positioned to provide a solution to the 7 days period problem while preserving trustlessness and decentralization. The fast-withdrawal bridge will allow locking up L1 DAI to mint L2 DAI as well as allowing L2 DAI to be burned in exchange for near-instant access to L1 DAI.

This will attract a constant flow of users and liquidity towards Optimism since users will have the possibility to constantly move Dai between L1 and L2 instantly. The average user will not want to wait a week to get their assets into L1. The Optimism Dai Bridge can serve as the go-to service for exiting L2 in a timely manner.

Moreover and regarding Maker’s Multichain Strategy, the Maker protocol is going to launch ‘Maker Teleport’ (previously Wormhole), a path for teletransporting Dai between supported Layer 2 and Ethereum.

As the Layer 2 ecosystem evolves and DAI liquidity grows within these domains, it will become important for users to be able to move DAI between them in a trustless manner. This initiative to Teleport Dai across Layer 2 ecosystems, starting with Optimism and Arbitrum, will become an integral feature of the fungibility of Layer 2 Dai.

The Optimism and MakerDAO communities have the same goal: to scale Ethereum. This is a game changer not only for Maker, but the Ethereum ecosystem at large as we can finally offer a fast, trustless, decentralized off-ramp for optimistic rollups.

Moving forwards, the launch of MCD in Optimism is targeted to be released on Q4 2022.

Proposal for token distribution (under 1000 words):

How will the OP tokens be distributed?

As a full DAO, any distribution would need to be approved by MKR holders, but the team making this proposal (Maker Growth Core Unit) will be recommending the following:

  • Once MCD is launched in Optimism (expected on Q4 2022), a great way to incentivize users to take a Dai loan will be to allocate OP rewards to Maker vaults.
  • Incentivize LPs Dai pairs

How will this distribution incentivize usage and liquidity on Optimism?

  • MakerDAO is a tier 1 protocol battle-tested and users will want to take advantage of it as it represents a safe place to put their crypto holdings to take a Dai loan and use it across the Optimism ecosystem.

Why will the incentivized users and liquidity remain after incentives dry up?

  • Low transaction fees on Optimism will attract users who are price sensitive to using Maker Vaults on L1, bringing more liquidity and users to Optimism.
  • Maker has never relied on rewards for usage and has consistently been a top ranked protocol by TVL over the years.

Over what period of time will the tokens be distributed?

  • 6 months.

How much will your project match in co-incentives?

  • Up to discussion within the Maker community (DAO).

What took you so long…welcome to the party.


This is very good for the Optimsim ecosystem. However, I would like to know more details about the incentives they are going to give for the DAI loan.
If you have a more detailed proposal on how you are going to distribute the incentives and more specifics of the MCD launch in the Optimsim network it would be good for all participants to know.


Hey @Facundo welcome! Very nice to see you post here. Big user of makerdao on L1 and would love to see you on Optimism too.

Can you provide more details on how this would look like? Would it be OP per day? Allocaed at creation? Accrued along with the DAI payback debt?

I am not sure I understand what you mean by this point. Could you elaborate a bit?


Thanks for support.You can read about Maker Multichain Strategy here.

We will need to work with the Maker community (via a governance vote) to determine the specific design of the incentives but the idea is that users who open a Maker Vault and mint DAI on Optimism (once we deploy MCD contracts there - targeting Q4 2022), will earn OP tokens. There is already huge demand for minting DAI on L2s to save on gas costs, and by adding in an incentive to this action will bring a lot of usage to Optimism.


Proposal looks great and would definitely bring value to OP!

As a frequent user of MakerDAO I agree that deploying on a L2 solution like OP would have a huge demand, I for sure would be one of those users!

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i an happy to hear the news that you,Maker DAO takes part in op eco.
i support you.


Hey @lefterisjp I’ll let @Facundo add more but to provide a little context on this item; if the OP community saw value in Maker participating in OP governance in a dedicated way, OP tokens could be designated to Maker for that. This may or may not be a practice that the OP Community would want but the way we see it, and why we proposed, was that Maker can bring its experience in operating within a DAO to OP and more importantly help support the goals of scaling Ethereum in a positive and sustainable way.


On this point I don’t agree so much, if MakerDAO wants to have a stake in the governance of Optimism it could use some of the treasury to buy OP tokens. The grants given by the governance fund are to encourage the use of the protocol and network.

Approving this would lead to other protocols proposing the same thing, thus defeating the purpose of funding public goods.


If the distributions are not intended for governance purposes in any way, shape or form, we can certainly remove that and revise. I totally understand and appreciate keeping governance participation separate from this token allocation.

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Hi @lefterisjp !, thank you so much for the kind words :slight_smile: Love to hear that! I’m also excited for Maker to launch MCD on Optimism.

As we said and sorry for being repetitive, the distribution would need to go through a Maker governance vote, we as a Core Unit have no power to make that decission, but from Growth we’ll propose the community to allocate OP per day by Dai emission rages starting from the dust (minimum Dai debt required), so for example:

Users who take a minimum loan of $10-15k Dai will received an OP %, and we’ll increase the reward % as the user take more debt. Ideally, the OP reward will increase as the dust increase too:
*10-50k: %X OP
*50-100k: $XX OP
*100-150k: $XXX OP
…and so on

Another interesting proposal would be to allocate OP to users who opens and maintains a vault for a certain length of time (e.g. 1 year), so the OP reward will be vested once the year already passed.

But again, this is just a proposal from Growth, not MakerDAO as a whole. This would have to be approved by MKR holders.

Yes, It was just a suggestion to discuss within the community, it doesn’t have to be that way. But yes, I agree with you and as Jenn said, we can remove that part for sure.


Interesting thank you!

I see. So how should this proposal eventually go?

  1. You see the general feeling of OP governance and any feedback we give?
  2. Go back to MakerDAO for a concrete proposal on numbers?
  3. Come back here put in the numbers and the details and change it to READY and then it gets included in the next round of votes?

Maker governance is really complex and requires many steps before any proposal being implemented, this means posting an off-chain signal request in the forum (this also takes time to reach an agreement) → then an on-chain governance poll (this normally takes between 3-7 days) → and finally the Executive Vote, which has a MKR threshold to pass and an expiration date, if the MKR threshold is reached before the expiration date then the Executive passes, if the opposite happens it doesn’t.

In this process, for example, the Protocol Engeering Core Unit will must have everything ready for the launch of MCD in Optimism and Risk Core Unit will have to evalute the risks parameters of the proposed distribution.

So as you can see, reaching an agreement and implementing this proposal in Maker governance will take some time, this is why I’m suggesting the OP governance vote on this and then we’ll present it formally in our forum to debate about the final distribution.

But just so you know and something that I didn’t mention before, is that this proposal has been reviewed by the Mandated Actors (an actor representing each of the Core Units) of Maker before being published here.

So, based on the expressed before I’m thinking more like:

  1. See the general feeling of OP governance and any feedback you give us and modify the proposal until it’s ready
  2. OP governance votes whetever approves o rejected.
  3. If approved, we’ll draft a proposal in Maker forum to discuss the OP distribution and which address to send the OP to*

*In case the OP governance don’t trust Maker, we could propose to make the distribution from a multisig where the OP foundation is also a signer.


I would love to see the OG’s in Optimism. Nothing gives more legitimacy to a chain that having Maker in it.


MakerDAO is great! This has to be accepted

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The draft has been updated to reflect the feedback received.


Great to see MakerDAO expanding to Optimism.

The proposal is solid but I would not prefer Maker having governance stake in optimism. That being said having the distribution from a multisig where the OP foundation and a member of the optimism collective (maybe a top trusted delegate) are signers would be preferable.

I fully support this idea as long as the MakerDAO uses the OP tokens only for incentivising MCD and DAI , and not use it for governance on OP. I think this can be ensured by using a multisig with the OP foundation and a optimism collective delegate as signers.

Looking forward to mint Dai in optimism.


makerdao are a large project I have not used them much but would bring nice growth to op


This is great, love maker on l1 just gasfees to high l2 would be a great success


It sounds like this proposal is contingent on passing through Maker governance which is never guaranteed. Have you started a discussion in the Maker Forum and what is your plan if your proposal does not pass through governance?

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