RetroPGF Round 3 Feedback Thread

Full article here nanobro.eth | RetroPGF3 design can be improved

shorter version below.

Ballots - The major problem

In order to be eligible, projects need 17 ballots from badgeholders. This is likely the major flaw here.

Origin of the number 17 has no explaination. Many badgeholders and contributors have raise concern in Round3 design forum since before start.

Many projects trying to get their voice heard. Here is some notable one.

Numbers aren’t looking good.

While 11% of badgeholders doesn’t sound big. Reality is not all of them interested in your category.

This becomes a problem when projects have confidence in our work but aren’t certain whether they will receive reviews from 20 people.

At the end of the day, all badgeholders are working really hard and should earn respect.
But some undiscovered projects likely not get enough review. And it will ruin OP.

Some improvement options?

Some screenshots above are also good options.

And here another one. Learned from retroPGF3.
We can’t be so sure how many badgeholders are tech orient. How many are education orient.
We can set proper criteria (e.g. 25% threshold) and let badgeholders select their expertise.

For example

  • 50 badgeholders wanna review 165 OP Stacks.
  • 40 badgeholders wanna review 472 End user UX.

We get this.

We can see that End user UX need more badgeholders to review.

Badgeholders in each category might divide their work and cross-check with other badgeholders in the same categories.

  • Considering the reviewer-to-project ratio, we can take prompt action and plan ahead before any issues arise.
  • This approach ensures that all projects receive reviews.
  • We can adjust the number of badgeholders in proportion to the number of project applications.
  • Projects eligible for multiple categories should submit work for each part separately.
    • RetroPGF should allocate OP for each category before commencement.
      • Possibly allowing badgeholders to vote for percentage allocations.

And, as always, Stay Optimistic! :red_circle: