RetroPGF 3: Round Design


Some additional questions on the additional considerations:

  1. There is a requirement of minimum threshold of Badgeholders votes that a project must receive in order to qualify.

Downside: We’re currently encouraging badgeholders to specialize and conduct a thorough review of only a small set of applications based on their expertise. If there are not enough people reviewing a project for reasons such as “it’s from a different geographical region/language so I’m unable to assess how impactful it was or it’s not in my expertise field” these projects will be at a disadvantage for not having been reviewed by enough badgeholders.

Potential solution: Sharing the minimum vote threshold in advance with badgeholders. There is a functionality for badgeholders to see how many votes a project has received while they vote, so this information could encourage badgeholders to selectively choose to vote (through a list or by conducting a review).

  1. Can you please elaborate on what adjusting votes by the total number of OP to be allocated? Is this in relation to the minimum threshold of votes required?
    If OP to be received is < 50k then you’ll need 5 votes
    If OP to be received is >50k <100k then 10 votes?