RetroPGF Round 3 Feedback Thread

Hello fellow badgeholders! I wanted to start a conversation for feedback from this round so we can share our experiences and make improvements for the next round.

Too Many Projects

The biggest piece of feedback from the last round was that the volume of projects applying was overwhelming, but somehow this round we ended up with 6 times the amount of projects, so it feels like that piece of feedback wasn’t heard. Imo there needs to be some kind of barrier to entry for applicants, and not put the responsibility entirely on badge holders to review such an insane amount of projects, most of which are out of scope.


Lists are a great idea in theory but not in practice, which is the case with many things in governance. There’s no level of expertise required to make a list, so we’re seeing a large amount of lists that include low impact projects which then highlights them to other badge holders. This is harmful because low impact projects receiving funding takes away from high value projects receiving funding that have actually contributed to the ecosystem in significant ways. There have been some useful aspects of lists, like I have personally looked at some of the technical lists. But overall, I think lists are more harmful than helpful.

Voting Experience

The voting experience this round has been slightly better, but I have a few pieces of feedback I shared with the agora team before voting started that I think could make it better
-have the ability to mark a project as seen or “don’t put in ballot” option
-have the ability to allocate percentages as well as dollar amount
-get rid of the lists function

I was also under the impression that there were going to be tools incorporated into the voting experience, like what happened to Pairwise?


Really my biggest piece of feedback is that we need a way to filter projects applying so we don’t end up with over 600 projects again, most of which are low impact. I realize this is still very early stages for retro PGF but I am really disappointed in how this round is going and I’m hoping we can make some big improvements going forward.

I would love to hear the opinions and experiences of others so we can hopefully work together to make the experience better for badgeholders and applicants as well. Thank you for all of your hard work!