[READY TO VOTE] Superchain Accounts

Gm @Gonna.eth,

Yes, the intended logic is clear, however in the application form we’re only able to enter a number instead of text. As a result, our answer is considered invalid and we can’t submit the application.

Would you be able to review the application form to ensure all setting are correct?

Thanks for the help :red_circle:

Hi @Gonna.eth - we just tried applying again, but received the same error…

We understand the intended content of the question, however the input field does not match the content. We’re asked to provide a link, but can only input numbers.

solved, but you might have to use a new template. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for letting me know.


Hi @Gonna.eth

We tried applying again as well as using a new template, but the issue is still not resolved. We tried applying from different accounts and devices to test this. Could we move this convo to forum DM’s or email to get this resolved?

You can contact us at op@superchain.eco



Hello @Michael
We are working on a project using AA and incentivized fees for massive user onboarding.
I would like to have a quick chat with you to see if you believe our application would fit this mission.
I’m santibcn on discord


Hey @Gonna.eth

Did you get a chance to take a look at the issue? Dont want to apply late and receive negative points

Thanks for the help :red_circle:

An update on our application

The team at Superchain Eco has been trying apply for the Superchain Accounts Mission Request but we have come across numerous issues with applying using the Superchain Accounts template, as seen above.

As such to apply for Superchain Accounts, we used the Scale ENS to OP template, as the questions overlap (Application here). Will be attending the Grants Council office hours if there are any questions. Excited to see all the Mission requests being built in the coming months!


Hello everyone, it’s Gonza.

I’m encountering similar issues in publishing the proposal since yesterday.

Is there any solution? I can send it to another mission if necessary.

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As well as SuperChainEco y submitted my application to Scale ENS to OP template.

Hey @SuperchainEco & @Gonzacolo! Thanks for your report. The Grants Council is on charge of the application process and selection, the faster way to contact them is on Discord in the channel called #mission-grants within the Governance Category. Have a nice day!


I try to finish

But found some error “Inputs do not match the template”

Please help me.