[READY TO VOTE] OptiHack Global Initiative

Great, thanks for your clarifications. Looks like you got enough approvals, and ready for a vote!

This proposal already have enough support but sharing my thought as i was tagged.

Instead of 25 each, I would rather suggest progressive distribution. Apart from visible challange of managing such event, I would rather suggest doing this at uni or in colloboration of unis, reward to investment ratio is significantly higher.

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This proposal already has enough approvals, but I’d like to signal my support for it as well.

However, it is essential that any mission proposals addressing this request should take into considerations the limitations that come with Optimism grants. In the early version of the proposal it was mentioned that the prizes should ideally fall into growth grants category - I think this should be feasible but only if the rewarded projects pass those grants directly to the end-users (so no-sale rule should apply not just for mission proposer but also to the rewarded projects, otherwise we are kind of circumventing the builders 1yr lock for the hackathon winners). Anyway I think it would be best to clarify this with the Foundation so that mission proposers have clarity on that as well.


Gm guys! My name is Octav and I am one of the co-founders of ETH Bucharest (27-30th March).

I wanted to check with you if you think that our event will be eligible to apply for this grant (if approved).

Of course that we would come with a full proposal, but wanted to check if we might be eligible for it.

In a nutshell, this will be the first ETH event in Romania and it’s our mission to bootstrap and grow the local Web3 dev community. We start with this event that combines a hackathon and a conference.

For the hackathon we don’t have a specific theme. We have 2 tracks - an Open Track where everyone is free to build whatever they want, and the Bounties track that follow the requirements set by the bounty sponsors.

We have 150 spots for the hackathon and we are confident that we are going to fill them all.

We would be happy to include some Optimism specific bounties as well as offer exposure during the event.

Let me know if this is something that would fit within the scope of this proposal and I will be more than happy to circle back with a full proposal once that’s possible.

Thank you and looking forward to hearing back from you!


You can find more details about ETH Bucharest on our website or X page.

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@DuckDegen Flagging this for your. Would love to see an application from Eth Dam. Happy to support


ETHDam is a 3 day conference and hackathon, dedicated to Privacy and Security. For this 2nd edition, hosted this April 12-14 in Amsterdam, we aim to gather 600+ hackers and conference attendees.

  • Budget Management:
    For 25K OP/for ETHDam - this would qualify OP as a Battleship partner
    As a Battleship Partner

    1. CryptoCanal will provide unlimited tickets for the OP team and their partners.
    2. CryptoCanal will feature the OP logo on the ETHDam.com website.
    3. CryptoCanal will feature the OP logo on the event’s General banner.
    4. CryptoCanal will announce OP as a Battleship partner on all Socials.
    5. CryptoCanal will provide a premium booth at Pakhuis de Zwijger.
    6. CryptoCanal guarantees a 20 minute IRL workshop, a keynote and a panel slot during ETHDam.
    7. Battleship partners can offer up to a 10K bounty in the hackathon, the OP team will need to define the bounties, and decide on the winners - with 25K OP - this could incl. the bounty amount.
  • Pre-Event Preparation:

    1. CryptoCanal is hosting the Online Pre Hackathon, to which all hackers and hackathon partners get to know each other for the 1st time, the OP team is welcome to pitch. (15th of March)
    2. CryptoCanal can provide an exclusive online event, ahead of the hackathon dedicated to OP and their tech - someone from OP/DevRel to host the workshop (1st week of April)
    3. CryptoCanal will host the Hacker Speed Dating, to which the OP team is welcome to pitch (12 of April)
  • Event Execution:
    This is our 2nd edition of ETHDam, and we our confident in our abilities to execute a high level experience for all hackers and the OP team to connect with our audience and hackers. We use a mix of Taikai (hackathon platform and registration) & Discord to connect all hackers with our hackathon partners.
    Confirmed Partners:
    [BattleShip] Oasis Network
    [Jet Ski] Secret Network
    [Canoe] Waku
    [Paddle] ChainSecurity, Cyber Capital, Lido and Diva
    Confirmed Speakers from:
    NYM, Aztec, PSE (Privacy Scaling Explorations), DarkFi, Privacy Pools, Polygon, MakerDAO, Scroll, Logos, Immunefi, Polygon, OP Labs, Figment, Ethereum Foundation, Sherlock, StarkWare, Coinbase,Dappnode, Buidl Guidl, Brume, Gatewayfm, Edge Wallet, Chronicle Labs (MakerDAO) and Scroll

  • Post-Event Strategy:
    We host monthly meetups in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Zurich. The format varies from Crypto Drinks to OtterTank - where OP projects are more than welcome to come and pitch and share their advancements with our community.


The Grants Council has opened early submissions as an Indication of Interest for this mission request here

For your application to be considered, the Mission request must pass the Token House vote on February 14th. Submissions will not be considered if a Mission Request is not approved on the 14th.

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