[READY TO VOTE] Interactive Educational Program for Delegates and Governance Contributors

Must have missed that information, thanks for surfacing it. I’ll amend the RFP’s timeline to be 1 year long to allow enough flexibility to spread sessions over a longer period of time to avoid overloading participants.

What do you think about the trust tier? Do you think it makes sense to keep it as is, or would you rather see it being open to ember tier as well?

Social pedagogy and neuroscience also have underlying philosophies, years of research and accumulated evidential support. It’s not a pseudoscience or some sort of feel-good practice. I can and will edit the proposal to expand a little bit more on the science behind why such programs work if you believe it’s needed context.

We can do audio-only as I recently did with another guest if that’s a concern. I know a lot of people, myself included, are really interesting in learning more about you and hearing more of your thoughts. No pressure though.

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