[READY] [GF: Phase 1 Proposal] WardenSwap

Thanks for sharing your proposal. I’m abstaining from this vote since my husband is the co-founder of 0x which is also working on DEX aggregation and could create a potential conflict of interest.


WardenSwap is a good project and if you abstain here it means you need to abstain on nearly every similar project like ParaSwap and etc.

I hadn’t gotten around to commenting on that proposal yet but I just abstained on it too (also abstained on the earlier 0x proposal).

My point which I might of missed was that if you abstain on projects you are going to be missing most of the good projects (Paraswap, Wardenswap and etc…) that can bring growth to OP. Would it not be best to set potential conflict of interest aside and focus on how it would benefit OP?

I respect your honesty, I just think a lot of projects are generally similar to 0x in terms of trading or aggregation.

To my knowledge so far out of the 17 proposals this cycle, only 2 are DEX aggregators and present that conflict. Not sure I understand how this misses most projects that bring significant growth to the Optimism ecosystem?

I don’t think it’s that easy to set aside. If I vote no on a project that is a direct competitor because I don’t think that’s the best use of funds then I can understand people would be upset about potential bias. If I only vote yes on ones I support, then there’s the potential concern that I’m selectively abstaining from some and not others (e.g. what you just said earlier).

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best rate swap on optimism!

LOOKS GREAT :red_circle::red_circle::red_circle:

great, i support this proposal!

:heart_eyes: there are so many reason to support this project , great team BTW

support this! great proposal!

I support this project.

I am going to be voting a reluctant NO to this proposal.


  • relatively okay amount
  • interesting concept


  • Weird distribution. 20% to traders? 35% to marketing and influencers? 10% to referral?
  • From the distribution it seems like the point is to use OP tokens to market their protocol and attract mercenary users to it. Other DEX aggregators work fine and already in optimisms without any incentives so I am not convinced that if incentives dry up the users will stay.

I agree this propersal

I’ll vote Weak YES :white_check_mark:

Project quality: Mid/High - DEX aggregators are important but it seems that project failed to get widespread adoption
Team quality: mid - anon team, lack of gh activity
Amount requested: Reasonable
OP distribution: Good. I actually like it. I think spending funds on marketing campaigns is better than LM.

Snapshot vote - Passed

love op. always mana good news for the users

I am really happy to hear that. Nice plan

@panas can you provide a Telegram handle or other contact method so the Optimism team can get in touch about paying out this grant :pray:

Hi Booby, sorry for late response. You can reach me through this Telegram ID: @K_Krissada

Thanks you

lack of communication and more details after voted yes.

Team should announce more details and criteria on public. Also, it sounds like 80% of OP token will be granted to influencers or core team instead of traders. IMO, it should be 40% + for traders because you represents yourself as a DEX for people. Thus, I offer to change some from marketing and referral to traders.