[READY] [GF: Phase 1 Proposal] Boardroom

I can’t speak to the quality of the final implementation, but in principle it seems like a straightforwardly good thing to incentivize broader participation in governance. Think this is absolutely worth a look.

@MichaelAtBoardroom - why do you need 20k for an analyst to maintain these pages, though? Relatively speaking this seems like a modest amount, just trying to get a sense of what the requirements here are.

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We are solving for users potentially sybil-ing the distribution (e.g. users moving their OP to new wallets, to redelegate and claim the reward). By only allowing addresses that have not moved tokens during the campaign, we prevent this type of exploit. Happy to incorporate a different mechanism if you have any suggestions!

Of course, thanks for the question. The analyst will be scraping delegate pitches from forums, maintaining and QAing profiles, getting in touch with large delegates to ensure profile accuracy, and creating content on Optimism governance and delegation to feature alongside the Delegate Discovery page.


couldn’t agree more with this, the incentives are very reasonable and will get more users involved in governance. Having everything in one spot is also very convenient. props to boardroom team for building this out for free.

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Thanks for sharing your proposal. I tried using Boardroom and personally found it to have really useful info and think this would be useful for the Optimism community. I signed up for email notifications as well which is a feature I’m glad to see. My own feedback on the product is the pages load really slowly for me so would love to see some optimizations there.

I’ll be voting yes on this proposal. I think the amount requested is reasonable, I’m not sure I believe that 80% of tokens should be distributed to holders delegating or re-delegating but I agree that it would be good to make users more aware of delegate profiles, stats, and engagement. I hope though that there are some basic fraud efforts in place to catch anyone who is farming these tokens even right before the campaign starts (since this post is now public) by creating many addresses and delegating from them.


Penn Blockchain uses Boardroom quite often to view and understand the delegate landscape for protocols like Uniswap where it’s not as transparent on the native UI. Boardroom helps us understand who the major delegates are and how they’ve voted.

Seeing some of the other protocols requesting grants, we think the 100k, 80% of which is for delegate incentives is something definitely worth approving. It’s basically another 80k OP airdrop for users who had an airdrop beforehand.

And finally, Boardroom is one of the few protocols in the governance space that have reached out and been very communicative with us internally. (wya @ Tally, @ Commonwealth, @ Messari Governor :eyes:)


Voted:- Yes


  1. We do need such platform, I am not sure if OP team is building such platform or but we cant just wait for them.
  2. Token allocation is good, I was concerned about users misusing the incentives but reading this

We are solving for users potentially sybil-ing the distribution (e.g. users moving their OP to new wallets, to redelegate and claim the reward). By only allowing addresses that have not moved tokens during the campaign, we prevent this type of exploit. Happy to incorporate a different mechanism if you have any suggestions!

team has a good plan.

Is there a good place to see the undelegated vs delegated mix of tokens over time? I’m curious how much of an issue this is at this point in time. I would expect most token holders this early in the Optimism story are pretty leaned in and on top of delegating.

That said, I do broadly think that curating the delegate ecosystem and amplifying good actor delegate voices which may not have a lot of disposable capital is a noble cause the Optimism community will benefit from long term.


Voted yes - This is a useful governance tool and I’m a big fan of delegation incentives, the amount requested is also very reasonable. Love to see this, thank you for the great proposal!

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Vot yes, thank you for your proposal

I’ve been concerned about voter apathy, and this is a decent solution. As mentioned in my post, I’d like to see incentives only go to those who vote for active delegates. While it does not strictly apply to Governance Fund, I think this is an important enough topic with a reasonable enough ask in OP tokens to make an exception. I hope part of the 20% is also used to raise awareness and make sure all OP holders know your platform exists and there are incentives for them to participate in delegation.


Reasonable proposal, consistent number of tabs requested. I think it is a good tool that provides useful information for governance and its participants.

Vote: Yes

This is a great product to simplify the workflow for delegates. We have used boardroom multiple times and find it an effective tool. The OP incentives are interesting and we look forward to seeing the results of this distribution mechanism.

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Voting yes. This is an easy yes for me.


  • Very reasonable amount
  • Useful product. I think we should incentivize more products like this which create tools to make governance easier and more inclusive


  • Nothing really. I am just not sure if the plan is good enough to prevent Sybil. So the plan is to allow only tokens that moved/delegated during the campaign and only more than 271 OP tokens?
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Voting Yes since governance (tooling) needs improvements & this adds immediate value to Op.

Value-add: Good
Amount: Good
Op distribution: Okay
Co-incentives: None

We had issues voting in the 3rd cycle (and consequently also in this 4th cycle) due to changes from Snapshot and need people to redelegate to our new address or to another delegate. Some commenters are worried about sybil attacks but the asked amount is very reasonable, not super attractive to attack while giving enough incentive to look into governance, delegation and redelegation. The preview of delegate cards is also nice - looking forward to additional improvements & Op involvement.

PS: Please redelegate from our current delegate account ScaleWeb3.eth to Superdelegate.eth !

@MichaelAtBoardroom would very much appreciate if you could also change our delegate address :slight_smile:

We voted yes on this proposal (via boardroom!) because we are in favor of supporting governance tooling. The amount of tokens requested is fair given the team has already built a strong product. We hope to see incentives combined with product innovation drive more users to participate in Optimism governance.


Voting: Yes

We see positive the use of new interfaces and tools that help encourage participation in governance, happy to help in this (maybe) experiment.

  • Contribution: Positive
  • OP distribution: Appropriate
  • Co-incentives: No
  • Impact in LATAM: Neutral

Tips: None for now, just keep communicating advantages of using the platform.


Thanks again for all the comments and support, responding to remaining questions below.

Yes, the share of delegated tokens over time has slightly declined over the past month. Take a look at this Dune for more details: Dune

Thanks, and done.

Yes we plan to market the incentives program to the Optimism community via a marketing push once incentives go live!

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I’ll be voting yes on this proposal :star_struck:

YES - right now I feel that the project is focusing on gathering all the information in one place. This is not too bad but is not that revolutionary either. I would love to see new, unique features developed, for example bringing more transparency into the performance of delegators etc.

I keep my fingers crossed for the continued development of the platform!

Project quality Mid/High - lots of potential for improving the space of governance and delegation.

Team quality: Mid

Amount requested: Reasonable

OP distribution: Fine I guess - Incitivize usage and awareness of the platform

Snapshot vote - passed

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