Protocol Delegation Program Renewal

Thanks a lot for the clartifications!

Let’s hope that the new proposal types are sufficient to hold interest of other Protocol Delegates. Personally, I will do my best to ensure the involvement of the ParaSwap DAO on this season as well :smile:

Thank you for the clarification, I missed those two protocols being nominated. While this is a good start, I feel that we could be seeing some survivorship bias if we focus on the 2 projects out of 22 that managed to be eligible for this. As you mentioned, these two protocols received these rewards despite of the program, as opposed to thanks to their participation.

I hope I am not coming across as too negative with these comments, I am just hoping to understand why 60% of all protocols (and 63% of elected protocols) disquilified from lack of participation despite clear communications and updates about governance. I don’t think that the requirements of this Season were particularly challenging for protocol delegates (only 2 votes in a similar time window), so I hope that with harsher time requirements this issue does not worsen. Perhaps with the introduction of Trust Tiers we won’t even have to worry about that, as Protocols might try to pursue higher tiers through this participation!