Proposal: Pause Phase 1 and start a discussion round to improve the governance process

The volume of proposals is high but manageable. But i like the idea of building more structure/process incrementally to a somewhat rudderless process.

Does anyone know what % of the total token allocation for Phase 0/1 has already been distributed? If the % distributed is low then perhaps the process should throttled not stopped altogether.

I believe there will be dashboard available to us soon where we can find all these information.


is this a defined thing that someone has taken ownership of?

I assume your statement is for me @jackanorak
not sure if someone has take ownership or not, but what I know is that this was discussed during phase 0 from team side. We will get a dashboard where we can find all gov related information and the dashboard will improve with time and feedback.


Hello delegates and community, thank you for your feedbacks. We’re taking note of all the ideas expressed here and there regarding the improvement of Phase 1 and governance process and bringing it to the Reflection Period indicated by the Optimism Foundation in this update. I recommend everyone to participate early in this new approach and possible series of changes for Season #2.