Please make migrated Bedrock datadirs available as torrents

Hi, I am trying to sync my own node and verify the network locally. But my download from the centralized HTTP source given in the “Running an OP Mainnet Node from Source” tutorial was somehow corrupted and does not hash correctly.

Now I have do download the entire mainnet-bedrock.tar.zst again because there’s no way to know which part of the file was corrupted.

It would be great if these files were also provided as Bittorrent magnet links so that

  • I wouldn’t have to re-download everything
  • Download speeds are improved for other users (which right now are not optimal for me either)
  • Server costs for Optimism are reduced because other people like me could also seed and contribute our bandwidth

Please consider doing this!

Edit: If any kind individual happens to have the mainnet-bedrock.tar.zst on hand and could make a torrent for it, I would really appreciate that too!


Seems like it’s much needed, see this issue for a discussion and potential solutions (there is a third party provider): [Feedback] Need more recent snapshots · ethereum-optimism/developers · Discussion #44 · GitHub


Working on getting a torrent up now. Will also start hosting torrents for more recent snapshots.


I suspect the hash in that tutorial may be wrong. Going to check it myself.


please notify me while torrent available,I want to do seeding

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Still working on this, will ping here when ready.

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Migrated datadir from the beginning of the Bedrock upgrade is now available here: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:0eea90fa3da8cd88bfa34c70ccef64f5e643c4c1&dn=mainnet-bedrock.tar.zst

Seeders would be useful. I dumped the file onto a hosted seedbox so hopefully that will help but it’s always useful to have more seeders. I’ll also start working on creating snapshots at regular intervals and hosting via torrent.

@dogsoup I checked the sha512sum and it does match what’s in the tutorial, not sure what happened with your download. Please try my torrent in the meantime.


Thank you for doing this kelvin. I will help with the seeding. I am happy to see the torrent link on the bedrock downloads page.


Sweet! Glad it’s useful. Also going to try to get a more recent snapshot up next week.