Please allow me to submit Grant Proposal I saw it is Sept 14th at the latest

Can I still submit Grant Proposal?
I saw “Applications for Cycle 15 are officially closed. We ask that RFGs be submitted by this Thursday (September 7) to ensure a full review, but September 14 at the latest.”

But right now the submit button is not available. Thank you @katie @gonna.eth

You will get a faster response on Discord. You can post an RFG proposal if you are logged in.

To log in you have to go to the Grants landing page and click “log in”

You can also use our “proposal guide”, both things are highlighted in the image below.

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Thank you for your guide, Gonna. I successfully submit. @Gonna.eth
Can I summarze the project and post in this forum to collect feedback? I worry I submit too late to get review. Thank you for your guide again.

the Council will pick it up for review

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