Pika Protocol RugPull and Optimism Funds

So @optimismFND gave 900k $OP to unverified #delegator’s application with a never created wallet, and @PikaProtocol did #rugpull on.

Developer @EthanDev6 ENS-address never existed, yet in August 2022 Pika Protocol received 900,000 $OP tokens as part of the OptimismDAO’s governance funding program.

So what @optimismFND did about this? Really they never checked dev’s existence, yet gave 900k token?

:page_facing_up: Delegate: Delegate Commitments [OLD] - #186 by ethan0
:pill: Proposal: [GF: Phase 0 Proposal] Pika Protocol
:money_with_wings: OP Rewards: OP Rewards Impact Analysis: Pika Protocol

Yet #PikaProtocol generously explaining their #rug on social media, while protocols v4 trap is still pinned. #L2’s are racing for adoption, but those who do not protect its #userbase will loose in the long run for sure.

We need more @zachxbt alike peoples within protocols, and more transparent protocol approach about those issues. Lectures need to be taken, and announced!

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ps. this was a tweet in first place, don’t want to put more time since I already cannot take my funds from v3 and feeling the rug pain. I really wanted to see a protocol that cares about those issues. You can name me QQ, that’s ok. Just wanted to put my tweet into more visible scene for future conversation.

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OP rewards we received have been distributed to our users over the past year. All our users can verify this.
The remaining OP are for bounties grants according to the proposal. The team has not taken a single OP out of the rewards.


Developer contacted me and explained the details of the issue, including regarding to v3 and v4 changes of the platform. I want to clarify the followup information, and wish to explain my sorry for being highly vocal about the issue. All my concerns was focused on community, and after many rugpulls I decided to put time to note those things down rather than being silent. Thanks for detailed information.

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