ParaSwap Appeal

The paraswap team acknowledges that they are taking user funds wrongfully and even so they create barriers and refuse to refund users or give any appropriate information about it.

It is not common at all a team making a mistake like this and after taking user funds as hostage and demand users to make a governance vote to the DAO requesting a refund. ( not doable as it would require owning their token).

What happened is that paraswap augustus swapper is taking users slippage set and taking that % as a fee that they collect to the DAO. The team also implies it was a “surplus”, the surplus refers to positive slippage in a swap, which is def. not the case here.
In the following example they took a bit over 30% of the user swap to their fee collector (Arbitrum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Arbiscan) .

I don’t think its normal for a team at this stage and level to low tier-scam users out of their funds, specially after acknowledging the error is on their end. as i am writing this post has been over 5 days the team is reviewing my tx and muted/blocked me from contacting them, which leads me to believe this is a pure scam with intention.
All users complaining in their community are left unanswered or in my case muted or blocked. It’s not okay for a team to steal user funds and puts all their effort in shuting down user, not fixing the problem. (the team even tried to fool users with fake explanations of what slippage and surplus are, which not coincide to their docs). They claim the surplus is the positive slippage but they are charging any amount of slippage user sets. (like the trade where they gobbled 30% of user funds on swap)

Please take a deeper look and i am ready to provide a lot more information about this and evidences that support my appeal.

How many users have been rolled by them and scammed by it without noticing really?

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overall the team is stealing from users on swaps and after creating barriers and refuse to refund those who noticed the scam.

Their excuse of unusual token movement is simply bullshit, anyone that can check a tx can see that they are just taking it into their fee collector, there was not really any market movement.


and nop, this is no irregular market movement. its simply paraswap team scamming wtv slippage % users have

4rd line they take 30%+ of user swap to their fee collector and call it a “surplus”, idk what is worst scamming or pretend we all dumb and gonna eat the scam