Organizing the forum

As this forum gets bigger and more populated we need to start filtering submissions. I propose a few tags and categories:

For Airdrop and Feedback tags:

  • Earndrop or Benefitdrop Ideas (“Airdrop” word was edited)
  • Governance feedback
  • OP token usage
  • Forum coordination

New Category: Rules not Followed
This category is to avoid the removal of any post but to give a direct response to proposals not following the rules. This will certainly redirect efforts to ether proposals and avoid misconducts like Cobie’s proposal promoting violence (even if it is as a parody).

New Category: Public Goods
This category will be one of my personal favorites where projects oriented to public goods can display ideas and promote the use of op tokens. Get feedback from the community and thrive as our most active category if this is where we are heading.

I know there’s a lot more filtering to do if someone comes up with a good idea I’ll edit this post to include it and tag the author.


I agree with you, especially with the Forum coordination tag, we need to be more organized!


Yes, that’s very good idea.

Dhannte, I’m not adding to the conversation and I hate to fight city hall but I simply hate the concept of Airdrop. By implication, to most, it implies - free tokens. Maybe that’s not bad when as we try to grow usage, but I think the name must change. If anyone agrees with me could we start a discussion to explore the ideas of others? To me, earndrop or benefitdrop or drops-with-benefits or …

If there is enough interest, someone will come up with a better name and process. Thanks, John

BTW, I agree with the idea.


agree lets forget about airdrop and change it