Optimism Nodes Updated to Version 0.5.27

Hey Optimism community,
GetBlock updated our Optimism nodes to version 0.5.27, check it out

Optimism Network is one of the implementations of the Optimistic Rollups, mainstream L2 ETH scaling design. It allows Ethereum users and dApps to access ETH on higher speed with significantly reduced gas fees.

Optimism is the safest technical design for ETH scaling and also is a viable alternative to first-gen scaling solutions due to its 100% compatibility with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and Solidity programming language.

GetBlock provides instant access to shared & dedicated Optimism nodes which could be integrated into DeFi, NFT marketplace or Play-to-Earn game in a matter of hours. Get API key and start building on Optimism Node with GetBlock.

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I think it’s faster to use.