Optimism Community Call Recaps & Recordings Thread

Community Call #11: December 20th, 2022

Check out the call recording here .

It was a great call, mostly focused around what we’d like to see for season 3 grants.

Topics discussed:

  • Season 3 grants
    • We might want to add more context on the grant proposal template
    • The successful new proposals will likely look different than the proposals in previous seasons
    • This could definitely be something that the elected grants council puts out
    • Lets see some education grants! Maybe a technical content competition
    • Ideally the grants council will take the lead on this by publishing the types of grants that they’d like to see
    • One solution for them is to publish this and then have a community discussion call for feedback
  • Grant council
    • Breakdown between Builders vs Growth Experiments subcommittees
    • Do the stated for subcommittees goals make sense?
    • Budget is split the way it is because we are expecting builder grants to ramp up over time, eventually they should converge
  • Accountability thread
  • RetroPGF
    • Some Q&A here on some choices that were made and how it works

If I missed anything or if if you post any follow-up threads, feel free to post it below!

Also, those who attended to call recieved a POAP at the end thanks to @Gonna.eth! Make sure to join next call if you want one. :slight_smile: