Optimism Community Call Recaps & Recordings Thread

Token House Call #34: February 13, 2024

Recording: February 13th Token House Recording.mp4

Slides: February 13th, 2024 Token House call slides

  • Voting cycle #18 ends tomorrow, there is two main groups of proposals:

    • Mission Request:
      • A lot of mission request still have not yet met the quorum, so make sure to cast your votes. And yes, it is okay to vote in your own mission request or/and the ones you sponsor.
      • To see all proposals: Optimism Agora
      • If you want to apply: Application guide. You can apply without any interaction with the delegate that proposed that request.
    • Upgrade Proposal #4
      • A new SuperchainConfig contract.
      • OptimismPortal and L2CrossDomainMessenger fix
      • OptimismMintableERC20TokenFactory improvements
  • There is Anticapture Commission office hours on February 29th, check OP Governance Calendar.

  • Security Council is now in effect with Upgrade Proposal #4, assuming it passes, they will participate in a 2/2 multi-sig with the foundation to upgrade.

  • Developer Advisory Board with Brock:

    • Helping Grants Council assessing approved delegate mission requests and applications under Intent #1, making sure each mission request actually moves toward technical decentralization.
    • In order to determine if proposals are aligned with those goals, voting will take place inside the board, detailing the results of the vote later on, as well as providing feedback on why it was rejected or accepted on top of helping the proposer by adding clarifications, fix details, etc.
    • After some delegates voiced that the process wasn’t very clear, the simplest answer was “First DMR comes in, we review it, we discuss, we take a vote, we provide feedback, and then the delegates proceed to vote”
    • Check Developer Advisory Board: Internal Operating Procedures for more details over the process to assess and approve mission requests, applications and technical milestone completion.
      • If a delegate has any question for the Developer Advisory Board the best way is via their Discord channel or mail developeradvisoryboard@optimism.io
      • A communication thread will be posted soon with all the information on everything they will be working on.
  • Code of Conduct Council is currently reviewing reports referring to Token House.