OP Bulletin: ETH Denver, RetroPGF discussions and more, February 29th 📰

Aaand ETH Denver kicks off!
Let’s dive into this week’s news.

TL;DR - top 5 of the week

  • The Optimism Collective at ETH Denver
  • AltLayer <> the Superchain
  • Upgrade proposal #5 and #6 will be going to a vote
  • AI Copilots for RetroPGF
  • Impact Metric based voting

:globe_with_meridians: Ecosystem News

The Optimism Collective at ETH Denver

Connect with the optimistic community at ETH Denver!
Explore the schedule to see different talks and panels:

Livestream is also available.
Check out this post, to connect with other attendees.

AltLayer becomes a Superchain RaaS provider

AltLayer has partnered with Optimism’s Superchain aiming for a more unified and scalable blockchain ecosystem. This collaboration offers developers significant benefits like lower costs, customizability, and simplified infrastructure management, while also working on enhancing security.
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:newspaper: Governance News & proposals

:exclamation: Voting cycle #19 period starts today

Upgrade proposal #5 and #6 will be going to a vote

Both upgrade proposals have received the necessary 4 approvals and will be going to a vote during Voting cycle #19. This week Roberto from Base and Diego from OP Labs discussed each upgrade proposal on the Joint House Call.
Check out the Joint House Call Recording

:dollar: Grant News

Discussions: AI Copilots for Optimism RetroPGF

@rororowyourboat and @akrtws discuss CadCAD GPT, an open-source framework, enabling token system simulations with LLM agents. They showcase the potential of RetroPGF GPT in analyzing voting outcomes and supporting decision-making in RetroPGF. They published a prototype yesterday and continue to invite badge holders to collaborate with this initiative.

Find more info.

Discussions: Impact Metric based voting

In this post, @Jonas introduces a way to implement impact metric-based voting as an alternative to the current labor-intensive process in RetroPGF. Jonas presents the Impact Calculator, a prototype of a metric based voting interface that leverages data to assess the impact of various projects.

Read the full post here.

Furthermore, the RetroPGF 3 Retrospective should be published this week.

:ballot_box:Voting Reminders

No active proposals.

Upcoming Calls

  • Anti Capture Commission office hours [Thursday, February 29th]
  • Grants Council Office Hours [Monday, March 4th]
  • ACC Internal Meeting [Tuesday, March 5th]

You can add Optimism governance calls to your calendar here.

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