On extending public goods into physical reality

Hi all,

I was unable to find a similar topic using the search bar, but forgive me if this is already being discussed elsewhere.

My question is this - what kind of appetite is there in the community for extending RPGF into physical projects out in the world beyond the level of code?

I’m aware that RPGF2 is intended to fund public goods related to the OP stack, but I do also note the ultimate intention of funding public goods on a potentially wider scale in future rounds. I would imagine that public goods is deliberately left undefined when it comes to ‘RetroPGF forever’ as this will be left up to the community (?).

I would suggest that there’s a lot more to human existence than what can be done on a computer, especially in a world where technology, capital, and resources overall are so unequally distributed. There’s also the general perception in the normie population that blockchain technology is just digital gambling/waste of energy/no real world value/etc. And of course the world economy we live with today is deeply flawed in terms of its resource extraction and the corresponding outflows of pollution.

So, perhaps we could get several birds stoned at once here. By retroactively funding projects taking action on rainforest preservation, for example, could we support the public goods of biodiversity and carbon sequestration while improving the lives of Indigenous Peoples in the region while simultaneously creating newsworthy action that would help open people’s minds to the true value and potential of the crypto industry overall?

Other similar real world public goods ideas could be open source high-efficiency farming projects, ocean cleanup, modular nuclear reactor projects, blockchain education in the developing world, various types of land protection, all kinds of things.

Would love to open a discussion about the possibility of these sorts of more tangible public goods. Looking forward to hearing others’ thoughts and ideas :slight_smile:


Love the sound of this! Let’s here more, or get some action from other interested parties.