Official bridge or a third-party bridge?

I would like to know whether you usually choose the official bridge or a third-party bridge to withdraw your funds.
As can be seen, the former supports any token but takes 7 days to process, while the latter saves time but limit to some tokens. Can you guys please help me with a review of what you are using?


I’m using the fast one. A week is too risky in the crypto world.

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May I ask which one you are using? Any review of it?

I usually use the orbit bridge. Or, if it is possible on the exchange, transfer it using Binance Exchange because the fee is cheap and fast.

I use Hope for mainnet, polygon, optimism and arbitrum. and Synapse for OP/BNB bridge.

I never used the 7 days bridge.

I agreed, a week is too risky in the crypto world.

I used both official and Stargate’s one.

At Elk, we will be launching our Bridging as a Service so hopefully that can empower more cross-chain tokens to find a home on Optimism :slight_smile:

Official is better as it brings much more security. Some nice minds were described there Season 2 Feedback Thread