Node Operators is an excellent use case for Optimism Coin

To fully decentralize the Optimism Network token holders should be able to run nodes and stake their Optimisms in order to demonstrate their commitment to maintaining the node. It is up to the community if their should be a mandatory minimum stake in order to be a node operator or if the node operator can just stake what they wish. If there is no minimum stake then would those with lower stake have to earn the trust of the network before processing transaction on the regular. What consequences would a nefarious actor face if they attacked. What mechanism would be in place in order to protect the integrity of the system. Not having a minimum stake requirement offers small holders the opportunity to validate & help secure the system yet their are risk. Having a mandatory minimum staking requirement provides security since it incentivizes node operators to behave or else face penalties for attacking the network. If we deploy our own nodes around the world it will be the most censorship resistant network in the world. I leave it to the community and developers to ponder this proposal.