How to make OP network the best for governance!

The forum of Optimism need to be the backbone of our governance. The forum will be a place to share proposals, bounce ideas, rank proposals and promote engaged members to suiting roles.

Different roles that are needed are a treasury, voters and proposal promoters.

The goal should be too automate as many tasks as possible to make pay for work efficient.
What do we want? We want to grow OP as much as possible with the least possible resistance. That’s why we should create different groups and the most important one is the workers/builders.
Builders are incentivized to build and improve OP because they are paid. It is very important to pay the right amount of OP to the right builders and that’s we’re the voter comes in. The voters task is to make the final decision on who’s getting founds and who’s not.

How do we build a system were voters are incentivized to do real work and diligence to vote and vote the right way?
The voters should earn tokens from voting and could earn even more if they spend less OP, but still manage to create growth.
This is an example I came up with.
Op should have issuance of tokens every month, based on user growth. Set in stone should be that 10% goes to the voters and 90% should be distributed by the voters to build the platform. So if voters, voted on proposals gives OP more users and growth, the voter will earn more OP tokens.
We want to make sure that the voters really care about how they vote. So we should reward the voter for each vote they make and according to the amount of OP tokens they are voting with.
If voters only distribute half of OP tokens from that month, the rest will be vested for a year, after that year the system should decide what to do with tokens.
If OP network has grown with users and activity the tokens should be released, 90% added to that months natural issuance and 10% should be airdropped to the voters that voted on that months proposals.
Voters are rewarded for each vote they make and according to the amount of OP tokens they are voting with.
If the Network activity decreased over that period all the vested tokens will be burned.
This will make the voter incentivized to vote in what is right for OP because they will gain directly from growing the network as efficiently as possible.
The voter can show their commitment to OP by locking their tokens in stake for 1 year, 6 month or 3 month. By locking you will receive more weight in the vote and earn more of the voter reward. This will reward the most committed participant.

Proposal promoters role is to filter and fine tune proposals. The forum should be there to lift proposals and ideas and the most active and liked posters on the forum will get the rank proposal promoters. The title will last 1 month, a voting period and a salary will be paid out. If 100% of the OP issuance are voted on to be used, the promoter will be paid a full salary. The promoters salary is based on the % of OP that are used that month. If 75% is used salary is 75% if 25% is used salary is 25% of max salary. If 0% are passed salary will be 0% and the promoters will be inalienable for next month’s promotion to proposal promotor.
The base salary of the promoters will be based upon the growth of OP as ecosystem.

The voter and the Promoter will work in symbiosis were voter are driven to spend as little OP as possible, but at same time grow the ecosystem. The promoters are driven to make the voter spend al OP of that period, and also grow the ecosystem because of their re base pay.

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A voters history should also be visible, a top list of best voters. How to measure the performance of voters? The voter that gets the most of OP in relation to the amount of OP staked, the total % of possible earnings as a voter.
This list makes it easy for people who wants to delegate their stake to a voter with the best voting performance.
The voter that is a delegate should be able to charge a % for managing a persons stake.
This makes it easier for a person to work as a delegate.

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