Missing Grant Application Feedback - Season 5

I have opened a few applications for season 5.
Two of them made it to the final review :

Today I saw that the applications are rejected.
Everything is fine and I fully understand that some of the applications will be rejected.
However, It is not fine to skip all feedback and comments.

Many other devs and I are writing applications and it takes us days, even weeks to prepare all the docs and write down our ideas, and then we do not receive any feedback?

Maybe it is too early, but if it ends like this and no feedback is received this speaks bad for the whole process, the lack of transparency and disrespect for the work of all applicants.

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Hi Tima-t.
To be on the same page, by “Feedback” are you referring to Comments/Questions from the Reviewers during the Review Process? Or where you thinking more along the lines of some kind of “Final Comment” at the end of the process explaining their though process / why the application itself got rejected?

Both (Comments/Questions and Final Comment), you can check the links above:

mmm… I see.
Regarding a ‘Final Comment’ in each Application, I think it could potentially become too time-consuming, as the number of Applications tends to grow in each cycle, which naturally reduces the time a Reviewer can dedicate to each one. I certainly understand why you see potential value there, but perhaps checking each section of the scoring would provide the same information?

And I get why a lack of comments can feel frustrating, but I don’t know if I fully agree with it being disrespectful (at least I wouldn’t agree with that being the intent). It is possible that the Application itself is clear enough so that it does not need further clarification (at least it seems like that to me, but I am not an expert). However, even if it is clear, it may not fulfill the intended criteria for a Pass still.

A more detailed feedback could help indeed. Maybe it’s possible to ask for further assistance after the Final Reviews? From what I was able to see, the team members are rather prone to help.

I don’t know if this provides a solution, but I hope it helps at least. Even if the applications did not get a Pass in this Cycle, I hope you apply again in the next one with a more desirable result!

Too time consuming?

I mean preparing a proposal takes at least a day to a week to put all the info together. The Reviewer, cannot spend 5 more minutes to give you a feedback - this is no serious.

I am not going to apply for the future cycles, and many other devs obviously have the same thinking as mine (as far as I discussed with some dev friends.)

Why should I apply again and spend a few days/ week to prepare a solid proposal and then get rejected without any feedback. I don’t even know why I did failed and what should be improved…

If you read the announcement carefully you will find a document with all the applications, the rubric scores and comments from reviewers.

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Also wanted to add that you need to be logged in to Charmverse to see any comments from reviewers.

I am logged, but no comments were provided

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Ok, that was useful, I found some scores in the document here - Cycle 22 preliminary feedback - Google Sheets

Things are one idea more clearer now, thanks!


This was fixed, no need to be logged in, and if you are not, there’s a “sign In” now.