(Looking for feedback) Hedgey - Using our 50k OP RPGF to fund four new projects launching natively on Optimism

Thanks :pray: for all the extra support during the round in motivating the development process. The email :e-mail: notifications are very helpful in keeping us in the loop on how many days we have to make further updates on Backdrop Build


First we had made an update over the weekend with the completion of the database configuration.

Last Week

This week
The SQL user database setup was successful.
You can connect to the marketplace & create an account by updating the user name, uploading a profile picture, and banner image for a personal user profile. This was accomplished by setting up a full node for our front end utilizing Kwil.

Next we will setup a dedicated machine with an additional node & also starting to look into running encryption on sentry nodes for third party developers to access for our node networks scaling capabilities in the future to help decentralize the user db node network.


We are also utilizing the retroactive public goods funding rewards that we received in round three to host a grants program on Optimism utilizing Gitcoin and the open source grants stack technology. It’s an honor to go from being a donor to a grantee to a grantor by operating our own independent round. Fundraising for the matching pool started last year at the end of Q3 and we are considering increasing the size of the QF matching pool based on participation.

Last Week

This week
Our first quadratic funding round has opened for applications on Optimism network. We aim to attract impact makers to the Superchain through our grant funding program continuing on throughout 2024 on other networks that are also part of the OP Stack.

You can find more details here. CharmVerse - the all-in-one web3 space


There have been a lot of advancements surrounding this technology that is mainly developing over on the farcaster network.

Last Week

This Week
We are continuing to work on the integration of frames for minting with a custom smart contract utilizing the developer tools that are currently available.

Last Week

This Week
We successfully launched our merch frames on warpcast with a new partner integration Percs through Shopify.

Here is the official announcement :mega:

We will continue to test different frame implementations :framed_picture: in preparation for other builders who join our ecosystem over the course of the next year.


Last Week

This Week
Message integration pending next.js bug fix from the DM3 dev team.


Last Week

This Week
The BIG ROCK :rock: for the coming week is to onboard 6-12 creators & builders who contribute to the Superchain ecosystem into our 1st grant round on Optimism. Currently there is one application that has been submitted so we will report back at the beginning of the week on progress.


Fractal Visions has made it into the final review for a builders grant on Optimism during cycle 18. We are very excited to share this news and will be dedicating our development work efforts towards the milestones that we have setup over the next 12 months for this grant. We are deeply committed to building on Optimism.


Awesome! We are also curious if anything else will factor into the judging process? For Example:

  • Anything we need to post on backdrop build?
  • A short video explaining the project (e.g. 1 min)?
  • Etc.

Just posting these questions here because hopefully they can help all builders.



Week 3 Updates

  • I had some power outages this week (living in the jungle) which slowed me down, but still made pretty good progress.

Big Rock Review

  • I finished the MVP which is now live on Farcaster. Anyone can test it out by casting \http://cultureblocks.world/swirl (without preceding \)
  • Also updated my week one post with a more concise explanation of what I’m building and added the redirect link from the frame to it.

Help From OP Community

  • Cast a swirl frame and let me know what you think! – \https://cultureblocks.space/swirl (without preceding \)

Next Big Rock

  • Stabilize the MVP as needed
  • Gather feedback for tweaking any settings/adding customization
  • Add AI image generator as option for Swirl output
  • Create a farcaster hub on a VPS
  • Build a bot to forward Blocks to the /culture-blocks warpcast channel
  • Automate a mint process for blocks

I don’t plan on getting all of that done necessarily, but that’s basically the order of priorities at this point. It seems like the next phase will be to build a full front end on for Culture Blocks on top of Farcaster, expanding on the micro interaction that is a Swirl into a larger structure for building networks of Culture Blocks in interesting and useful ways. Each of these pieces leads into that.

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Week 3 Updates

1. We’re proud to announce that the algorithm for our Point system that identifies the contributors that brought the most value to their DAO based on forum activity is now on GitHub. We also included a database file as a Google Drive link of every forum post ever made on the Optimism forum along with every metric as well within the README file. This data can be used to create custom AI models, and to perform deep sentiment analysis to gain a greater understanding of the DAO and its members. The database includes 1,374 total topics and 20,720 total posts.

Also, we received feedback from another DAO on how they would like to utilize our point system. We met with the Community Manager of the Rari Foundation, the DAO behind Rarible, and they expressed interest in using our point system for their Delegate Incentive Program. They would like to include data from onchain voting via Tally as well, so we built a Tally scraper from scratch to present the data within their database file, and will begin working on a Snapshot scraper soon as well. The feedback we received was to simplify the method of sybil resistance for our point system. Instead of creating multiple rounds of engagement filters, and applying weight to each member that presents a social hierarchy, to instead, lock points by default, and points will unlock if the engagement received was from a role holder. This method ensures that all points received were from vetted accounts, such as “Delegates,” and “Regulars” on forum, and since the points received by each member will be equal, it boasts meritocracy by eliminating a potential social hierarchy, and the potentiality of creating posts that will pander to the most influential members of the DAO.

2. Our goal for this week was to push the algorithm to GitHub, and receive critical feedback in terms of ensuring our system was sybil resistant, and we achieved just that.

However, it would be nice to hear directly from the members within Optimism, still waiting to set up a few 15 minute meetings to get their opinion on our point system and to see if they feel that the results are accurate.

3. The OP community can help us by giving their opinion on whether they agree with the final results of the script, that revealed the top members within their DAO based on forum engagement. Here are the results below:

Topic Likes = 10 points
Regular Post Likes = 1 point
Aligned Topic Replies = 20 points
Aligned Regular Replies = 2 points

The top 5 Contributors within Optimism based on all-time forum engagement (Nearly 2 years worth of data):

  1. @Gonna.eth: 12490 points

    (Topic Likes): 373

    (Regular Post Likes): 1082

    (Aligned Topic Replies): 374

    (Aligned Regular Post Replies): 99

  2. @Michael: 12023 points

    (Topic Likes): 586

    (Regular Post Likes): 711

    (Aligned Topic Replies): 268

    (Aligned Regular Post Replies): 46

  3. @0xJohn: 11533 points

    (Topic Likes): 206

    (Regular Post Likes): 53

    (Aligned Topic Replies): 471

    (Aligned Regular Post Replies): 0

  4. @ben-chain: 11076 points

    (Topic Likes): 527

    (Regular Post Likes): 204

    (Aligned Topic Replies): 279

    (Aligned Regular Post Replies): 11

  5. @jackanorak: 9906 points

    (Topic Likes): 269

    (Regular Post Likes): 1194

    (Aligned Topic Replies): 288

    (Aligned Regular Post Replies): 131

4. Our big rock for next week is to provide additional context about the members within Optimism based on their forum posts. We will reveal the top 5-10 keywords used by each member in the DAO, and reveal social clusters as well, this will give external projects a better idea about who to approach to form a particular partnership. For example, let’s say a project specializes in “Peer to Peer Cloud Computing” like Akash Network, and they would like to partner with Optimism. They will be able to view which members discusses topics that closely relates to their project, and the members that has the closest relationship to this particular person, so the project “Akash” in this example, could have a better understanding of who to contact in order to form a partnership.

We also spoke to the Founders of “Meet With Wallet” who can create a feature on our UI, allowing for users to book meetings natively within our app. We can create an algorithm that discover conversations that relates closely to a topic that a particular project specializes in, and create a “Suggested” post giving brief details of what the project offers that would like to collaborate, and display a button for booking a meeting, in order to help aligned projects, receive more inbound leads.

5. tl;dr - The video update of Week 3 for daospace


Sixty from daospace here! :video_game:
Congratulations to @Gonna.eth @Michael @0xJohn @ben-chain @jackanorak , for all the value you have provided to the OP Forum. While this list is not complete, we thought it would be a great demo to highlight the top 5 OP contributors based on forum activity/engagement. This type of data will be viewable for all the DAOs we have indexed in the future, and we expect different DAOs to use this type of analytics to incentivize positive contributions, use it to inform a merit-based governance system, create leaderboards for airdrops and attract high context/level delegates.

Some interesting facts based on this data is that the top 10 contributors based on forum activity are not present in the top 10 delegates in terms of voting power. And despite @0xJohn having a very short contribution history in the OP forum, he appears as a top 3 contributor due to having the most ‘viral’ topic in the forum’s history, with 34.7k views and 599 replies.


Performing some due diligence here with a brief update for the start of the week. Honestly we will miss this program and don’t really want v3 to end. This has been a great experience overall.

  • Our Gitcoin grants program is underway with the inbound process of new grantees we are assisting during the application phase.
    We have a handful of potential grantees in the final process of submitting applications. Meanwhile there seem to be a few barriers such as having a GitHub verification which can be somewhat confusing for first time applicants. We are taking calls one on one to help walk through the steps for each applicant if they need assistance. If there is a lack of applicants by the end of the week we may consider starting the donation phase on April 7th a week later than expected which will extend the entire round by one week from May 1st to May 7th.

  • This past weekend we started to dial in the Kwil user database & pushed a few updates. One of the things we optimized was files for less storage. The code reduces even the heaviest image down to kilobytes. There is a number of other tasks related to the user database that will continue throughout the future such a separate database for creators to access and information for the collections they own. This information pertains to the genre, social links, project profile picture, page banner, description, and royalty settings.

  • The API integration that we are using with Simplehash has helped to reduce the amount of spam that we have showing up on the platform. You can read more about this filter here. How to Filter Spam NFT Tokens

  • A hidden feature has been implemented into the bulk selection tool for the marketplace which will aggregate items to a hidden page for each user profile. This allows each user to keep their holdings private on the front end.

  • The transfer function code is currently being setup to test the smart contract with the user interface. This is the first major key feature that will interact directly with the smart contract.

Listing items from collections will also be implemented at a later date. We have a number of collections in house that are being utilized to help dogfood our MVP prior to the 3rd party builders onboarding process that will take place over the next year. Utilizing the grants program as a form of curation & applications for featured builders who may want to apply directly to be a part of the Fractal Visions ecosystem.

We are very excited to present a video update for the launch in the coming days ahead. Thanks :pray: for hosting the v3 for builders on OP.

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Update from last week!

  • Setup the Contxt Patreon
  • Planned my Launch video
  • Recorded my launch video
    • In the process of editing it now!
  • 2 debugging sessions with my developer Sefa
  • Squashed over 15 bugs since last update, all UX and database issues
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For ClickCaster, this week we have:

  • Fixed bugs for mobile devices
  • Created a demo video for backdropbuild and executed the Launch
  • Integrated 2 Frames with a user base of more than 1000 people
  • Continued development and UI fixes.
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Hey everyone! Congrats and the incredible month! It’s been amazing to see the updates flowing in and see these ideas evolve.

I’ve just created a new post for final project submissions, along with dates and a template for submissions.

Starting tomorrow, you’ll have one week to submit your final updates!


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I am Maher from Tunisia, a software engineer. I am trying to build an OS based on Ubuntu that has all the needed tools for parental control. I working on this project because I am seeing more and more young children getting into the internet and getting scammed by the adds on every website.

I was working on the project from time to time. I found some good tools to use in the project.
Like Plucky and Nxfilter.

I don’t think the project is known for the public. but I enjoy what I am doing.

it is not that native, But I am grouping all the free and paid tools in one place to build an os
I might need to code something also.

safer place for internet users. I think this will add something at least.

an os that is free and easy to use. just plug and be safe yourself and your children

I’ll continue working on the project. I am intending to invest all the money in this project.

the project needs more than 3 months but I think in three months I’ll solve all the big problems and get all the tools in the right place.

Greetings again. I just launched and here is my demo video and demo instructions.

Try out the demo on-chain on Sepolia testnet:

I look forward to completing whatever other requirements there may be!

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I would like to see badges included in the metrics. Profile - Gonna.eth - Optimism Collective

I think the forum does a great job of recognizing who’s making contributions and you can play with points depending on how difficult is to get a badge.

Thank you for the 1st place, but quantity is not quality and there are many smarter than me in this forum.


Hi Lindsey,

Just wanted to let you know that I have completed the backdrop program! Thanks for letting me know about it, quite an interesting experience being part of it.

We are currently on Sepolia testnet while we iron out bugs, get feedback and upload more journalism impact reports, but plan to launch on OP Mainnet this summer!

Thanks again for putting this program my way !

EDIT: Just saw the thread where we post our final submissions, will be sure to put my information there

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Thanks for your feedback @Gonna.eth. Including badges into the metrics is a solid approach, and can make our point system a bit more sybil resistant as well. Our goal is to identify the members that brought the most value to the forum, and display a leaderboard on our UI, which is a DAO discovery platform, in the hopes of bringing more lucrative opportunities to the DAO contributors that built a solid reputation for themselves, and this may help us achieve that.

Although most badges distributed by Discourse are based on quantitative metrics, the ones that can improve our point system are the ones that rewards active participation over a certain time duration that would be extremely difficult or impossible to game. Badges such as ‘Regular’ or ‘Licensed,’ which grants certain permissions, at least serves as a vetting process, unlike many of the other badges which are rewarded once receiving a certain number of likes, replies or link clicks, which can be easily gamed by creating many accounts, and executing a python script to falsify engagement.

To build upon your suggestion, we would also like to factor “roles” into the point system. For example, all the initial points distributed will be locked, and will only unlock if you received engagement from a member that’s a role holder, and if necessary, certain roles can be weighted differently than others. For example, you’re a 'Moderator," so If I receive engagement from you, I would receive points for that, but if I receive engagement from a non role holder, these points wouldn’t unlock until they earned a role. Since earning a role takes time and effort, this should discourage bad actors that intends to game the system, especially if there’s an incentive for being ranked amongst the top contributors in a DAO based on forum activity.

Once this system is fine-tuned, projects that are releasing new tokens, that would like to invite valuable contributors to join their DAO, can airdrop tokens to the top “X” contributors from various DAOs displayed on the leaderboard. This can help early token teams attract high-level delegates, and can use a platform like Hedgey Finance, to distribute locked tokens, to encourage them to use their tokens for governance participation as opposed to immediately dumping them.

Based on the all-time engagement you received, I feel that you will still rank pretty high on the leaderboard if you received a decent amount of engagement from other role holders or contributors that earned valuable badges. Since you mentioned that there are many more intelligent members on the forum, we can use generative AI to judge the quality of the post and create the logic for distributing higher amounts of points for that; however, our current system rewards contributors based on consistent activity as opposed to judging their intelligence. A contributor can be considered extremely intelligent but only post once in a while, whereas other members can provide consistent posts that drives discussion on the platform, therefore can be viewed as more valuable overall in terms of forum participation.

However, we do intend on adding contributions to the overall DAO score, we’re just starting off with forum participation, since it’s a straight forward approach of obtaining this data, through the Discourse scraper we built. But in the near future, we can track contributions like GitHub commits/pull requests to create a more accurate score to reflect the overall value of contribution from each member.

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Curious about order of operations here.

Finding it a bit odd that winners are announced prior to the final update on the forums. In retrospect it may have been better to get this information in before the announcement as we were unsure if it was still mandatory to complete after finding out we didn’t make the cut.

Also it was highly confusing coming from the governance post as our initial introduction to backdrop build that the program was announced here for builders on the Superchain but then saw a lot of ai related entries that were chosen at the end as winners for the contest that seemingly had nothing to do with blockchain technology at all.

Here again it states how the project should relate to the Optimism network so it was very confusing when we saw ai projects being chosen for the winners.

Was there some sort of announcement that there would also be other projects that didn’t use blockchain technology or are related to Optimism ?

Is there something we are missing here?

Is the 50,000 OP separate from the same prize pool that all the other folks got awards from?

Or is there a separate prize pool for those on Backdrop Build who didn’t post in the forum here ?

We are trying to get some clarification on the changes that occurred after the beginning of the program.

It was not obvious that folks here in the forum would be competing against others who did not participate in the reporting process here as well.

Also again here it states 10-20 projects would be selected. How many total were on the ending event ?

From our recollection there were around 40 chosen. Many of which never participated in posting once here in the governance forums.

Just to let you know it was never clear that the other folks who were not participating in the governance forums here would also have a chance at winning :trophy: the 50,000 OP and we are not quite sure why it was an extra requirement to make posts here every Monday and Friday on top of the updates on Backdrop build.

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I think you’re looking at the backdrop finalist review (I got the email today) for whatever their grant system is. This grant from Hedgey is distinct from that and being handled by Lindsey as he’s articulated.


Thanks for sharing!

We were really confused and already thought it was over. Hopefully this didn’t come off as too harsh of a criticism because we certainly don’t have anything against all the amazing creators out there but somewhere along the lines everything started to blend together and at the very end of the program we had no clue that these are two separate programs. I guess that’s what we get for being rookies.
Hopefully :crossed_fingers: it will help for future rounds as valuable feedback to signify to everyone what exactly is happening.


Thank you for helping here @maenswirony !

@FractalVisions - I hope things are cleared up, but yes, the two programs / winners are totally separate. This week participants in Hedgey’s program will share their final updates on the Final Submissions forum post and judging on those will begin next week.

Let me know if you have any questions!


Of course. We are still shipping away and now it all makes sense. Thanks for the update.

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Hello @Lindsey. Where can I find the Hedgey Program final submissions forum? Thank you.