Jack anorak - delegate communication thread

Cycle 6

Reasoning behind DeFi proposals can be found here: DeFi Shadow Committee: Season 2 Recommendations

Tarot For.
Kromatika Against.
Interest Protocol For.
Revert For.

Across Protocol For.
OptiChads For, though this was a tough one. I was deeply skeptical about the likely success of the approach, but it seemed like a fine enough proposal to get some data on.
Socket, Abstain. Just didn’t get enough information on it.
Bankless, Abstain. This seemed like something better for an RFP but I wasn’t read up enough.
Otterspace. Against based on recommendations.

Cycle 7

Reasoning behind DeFi is here.
Yearn Against.
Overnight.fi For.
Overtime For.
Tarot For.
Alchemix Abstain.
Sushi Abstain.
Abracadabra Against.

Li.Fi For, following rec.
Dope Wars Abstain. Couldn’t get the info i needed in time.
Karma - For, following rec.
Otterspace - Abstain, couldn’t get to DD in time, probably could have just moved to follow recommendation.

Cycle 8

Alchemix - Got improved more or less up to standard.
Arrakis - This lacked the necessary detail.
Curve - This, on the other hand, had footnotes.
Symphony - Against. I laid out my thinking pretty exhaustively in the proposal thread.
Homora - Against. This was a poorly done proposal with limited likely positive impact.
PoolTogether - For. You pour gas on the things that are working.
Angle - Abstain. It didn’t seem great, but I couldn’t articulate a good reason to say no, when the core primitive is so useful. I think I could have stuck my neck out more on this one.
InsureDAO - Against. Let’s see the model work first.
Overnight - For, following logic from earlier.
Socket - For, following recs.
EthernautDAO - For. @Gonna.eth even offered to return unused OP!
Tally Ho - Against, following rec.
Messari - Abstain, following rec.
Ambire Against. By this point I’d gotten skeptical of wallet solutions without a clear view of winners.
Mochi For, following rec.
Velodrome - For. I’m proud of the work our team put into this one.