Introducing OP City in Atlantis World to the Optimism Collective

:red_circle: :sparkles: GM Optimists,

Great to meet everyone! I’m Rev, co-founder @ Atlantis World, Unchain Fund, Kyiv Tech Summit, and involved in other public goods, humanitarian-aid focused initiatives (KERNEL, ChoiceDAO, SavePakistan, etc).

Speaking on behalf of our team, we’re beyond grateful for Optimism ecosystem’s support, care and constructive feedback you’ve shared during Atlantis World alpha launch in Nov ‘22. Huge, optimistic shout out to OP Labs and everyone from Optimism Collective for being always here for the community and ecosystem builders.

We wanted to introduce Atlantis World to the collective, and share a bit about what we’ve been building and pushing for web3 altogether. Particularly, we’re happy to share AW launch retro ft. OP City and our optimistic plans moving forward.

:trident: What is Atlantis World?

TL;DR Atlantis World is an exploratory web3 social metaverse that transforms everyday people into web3 super users, one fun & rewarding quest at a time!

Driven by mission, united by values :handshake: :ukraine:

  • Lightweight first, inclusive & accessible to many vs heavy XR gameplay experiences

  • Fully independent public good! No private investors

  • Shaped & funded by the community

    Atlantis World v.1 is Live!

Learn about Web3 through play, collect rewards & build reputation!

We believe in equipping true people from around the world with the tools they need to be financially sovereign & otherwise free, with the ability to learn about the core pillars of the Web3 stack through gameplay- collecting rewards and boosting reputation!

  • Explore our MMORPG game world
  • Learn about how to interact with leading Web3 applications from DeFi, NFT, DAO… to new kinds of social, music & more by completing fun quests that transform you into a super user
  • Earn rewards, collect loot & build reputation- enhancing your experience a brave new world

Next gen social events and communications platform

Atlantis World is also a video/voice communications & social events platform, built for pioneering communities with a Web3 native toolkit!

  • Chat with your friends on video, voice & text chat
  • Attend events with live streamed music, gameplay, education & more
  • Broadcast, promote/demote speakers, stream & screen-share
  • Token-gating
  • Custom game spaces
  • Next generation DAO discussions & in-game voting

Atlantis World in Ukraine :ukraine:

Together with our partners, we’ve launched Unchain Fund, web3 native non-profit focused on helping Ukraine with humanitarian aid. We’re deeply grateful to Optimism ecosystem, and especially to Vitalik Buterin, Scott Moore, Linda Xie, Binji, Vee @ OP Labs, PoolTogether community, and thousands of other Optimists who made it possible to fundraise ~ $9.5m in crypto, and directly help over 400k+ Ukrainians since Feb 24, 2022.

Besides Unchain, we’ve co-organised Kyiv Tech Summit (KTS), first of its kind web3 hackathon during the wartime focused on humanitarian public goods to make wartime life easier. We’ve hosted KTS in a bomb shelter, in Kyiv, Ukraine.

interesting facts about Kyiv Tech Summit:

FYI part of our team, including me & my co-founder CJ, are still volunteering on the ground in Ukraine. Last week, we’ve visited my hometown … no matter what, we’ll continue fighting for freedom.

:sparkles: Public Alpha Launch | Nov 2022

Early in Nov we’ve launched Atlantis World Alpha v1 and started hosting month of Optimism Nation inside of OP City - more than 15,000+ users played the game in Nov, and completed Optimism and Atlantis World onboarding quests!

You can visit & sign in with Ethereum wallet on desktop web browser, we’re by the way shipping mobile ready version as a priority!

:red_circle: :sparkles: Gameplay ft. OP ecosystem partners

OP Month Traction

During OP Month in Nov, we had 15,000+ registered players, with 6,000+ of them completing the special ‘Find the Path’ quest - which included Optimism & OP ecosystem (Quix, PoolTogether, Perpetual Protocol, 1inch, Aave).

Player distribution:

22% - United States;
37% - Asia (esp. Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China);
41% - Europe (esp. Eastern Europe / Ukraine)

NOTE: it’s purely organic traction from our announcement post on Twitter, reposts from Optimism Foundation and OP ecosystem partners involved in the launch, as well as word of mouth. During OP month, we’ve launched OP native / partner clubhouses only. We’ve been experimenting for a year+ and soon we’ll be launching new maps, and will continue to onboard new players into Optimism.

Community feedback

We take community feedback seriously and since the beginning been mindful about asking for voluntarily feedback via ‘AW–OP Month: Game Feedback’, featured in-game. We’ve received 23.3k form replies, and after some quality filtering - identified 2042 responses with the 1-5 rating explanation, as well as over 1000+ mid/high quality replies (i’ve personally read all of them).

1209 users (59,2%) rated 5/5 the overall experience with the quests, video/voice call, and world itself; 541 (26.5%) voted 4/5; 211 (10,3%) voted 3/5; 55 (2,7%) voted 2/5; and only 26 (1,3%) voted 1/5 - out of 2042 responses.

General Community Feedback

  • “Pretty interesting, allowing players to explore the map while completing quests.”
  • “The concept is very unique and clear”
  • ”I love the gamified education for introducing OP to the world.”
  • “i am excited! interface, user experience, fast interaction, music! i love it”
  • ”great game for user to learning how to enter the web3 world, especially OP eco”
  • “I love the graphic setting you have chosen, in pixel art !!! Of course, other projects that use more advanced graphics and features could be more appealing to the mass but if well structured, the project’s quest and social network structure could give you an edge”
  • it’s good because we discover the DEFI applications really simply and fast”
  • ”It runs in a browser, and the operation proceeds smoothly. I don’t like to download any software to my PC, so it is helpful that it runs in a browser.”
  • ”I like how y’all have voice chat options almost everywhere because most platforms missing this key feature.”
  • ”I like your idea very much. This brings back memories of Perfect world, Warcraft, Lineage 2”
  • ”Excellent picture quality, high playability, interesting dialogue design”

Of course, there was also user feedback about in-game bugs(we’ve fixed), improvement ideas, and more! We’ve particularly appreciated feedback from users that voted game experience less than 5 and explained their logic. Some examples include:

  • ”Difficult to follow at first because there is no map on where to go. But overall the quest are exciting and fun”
  • “so many buildings and roads, complicated, but the drawing is good, and a new way interacting with dapps.”
  • “I hope it can be made into an RPG type”
  • ”Maybe try adding other languages like Chinese?”
  • If you have a choice of avatar, that’s the best”
  • ”good idea of a game ,however i think you need to upgrade the graphics to be more interesting in gaming community to play it .”

This is critical feedback, and it truly means the world - it helps us improve Atlantis World, and serve our mission of onboarding users into web3.

Obviously, we’re still early - we’ve just shipped v1 of our public alpha, and will continue to experiment, iterate and improve AW - be it gameplay, web3 onboarding, UX/UI, art, quests, social features, protocol integrations, and more! As for ‘other languages’, ‘RPG’, ‘easy to follow maps’, ‘upgrade the graphics’, ‘character customisability’, etc - it’s on the roadmap, so let our actions speak for themselves.

:joystick: Community created AW <> OP guides

:radio: Listen to OP Radio #6 recording ft. Atlantis World!

During OP Nation launch, we had an honour to share our story on OP Radio! Super grateful to OP peeps for having us, shout out to Mak, Binji, Joanna @ OP Labs. You all rock!

Feel free to listen to the recording:

:red_circle: Moving forward, we’re committed to serve Optimism ecosystem

  • Integrating OP ecosystem (especially - native) procotols inside of AW.
  • Fostering OP NFT community, introducing new use cases (ie. Save Pakistan initiative: people will mint real-world backed NFTs on Optimism and thus provide funding & direct aid to the front lines of humanitarian catastrophe in Pakistan)
  • Featuring Optimism in first-ever state backed crypto education program in Ukraine.
  • Tokenising further Atlantis game assets natively on Optimism.
  • Optimism branded cosmetics inside of Atlantis World.
  • Creating further gamified Optimism onboarding quests.
  • Other suggestions from the Optimism community.

:sparkles: We’re shipping proactively

synthetix exterior

more coming soon…

:link: Links

:globe_with_meridians: Website:

:video_game: Play Now:

:space_invader: Discord:

:bird: Twitter:

:thought_balloon: Conclusion

We deeply love public goods.

We love Optimism, OP community, OP Collective, OP stack, OP Labs, OP Governance, and the values we all cherish. Yep, it’s been a tough year for all of us, yet we’re OPTIMISTIC FOR THE FUTURE :sparkles::red_circle:_​:red_circle: :sparkles:


Thank you very much Rev!!! The greatest of successes to you :metal: :sunglasses: :hugs: :trident:


Good job, all the support for Atlantis and the networks that accompany it, thanks a lot

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