Introducing Babel m-DAO: the seed of a Decentralized OP Community formed by human beings from all over the world

To me this statement is an indication that you are trying to promote some false governance proposals in a more natural form, in your own personal interests.

But your goals don’t affect me, I am objectively stating my opinion.

You have no idea. And I am over talking to you. Next time you have an accusation let’s go on a proper channel. This is not a random TG group and you have a role here.

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The communication here is only positive, it will be a motivation for you, so if you will realize your proposal and it will have results, you will be advantaged and you will have more support from the Optimism Collective in other beginnings of yours.

And in this case I will be disadvantaged)

I am sorry too if I was harsh, but it hearts to be told that I want to take advantage when since the beginning I am talking about finding some game-theoretical and probabilistic ways to avoid civil attacks. You are judging before even knowing the airdrop plan. This is a quite serious incident to keep the for open.

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The airdrop or token doesn’t matter, simplify the proposal and explain as simply as possible what your proposal is about, the idea, the value and the solutions offered.
This way the community will understand how they can contribute to your proposed idea, so they will understand what values they are contributing to.

You still don’t get it. Not my proposal. But I think you make me realize that it’s what people think, especially because they won’t read my many posts on this forum. I know it’s hard to understand or believe, but I can’t explain it better. I hope someone else could do it.

I posted the proposal here, on all Discord Other/Language channels, and on jokeDAO where the token was minted (but all participants are from OP).

The form was filled out by 10 addresses that according to the L1 language questions:
3 English
2 Korean
2 french
1 Chinese
1 Turkish
1 Solidity: Understood I was asking about programming language.
I didn’t submit mine (I was going to, but since I decided to stop the iteration it’s better like this).
They all are OP users with many transactions and I have sent 10 BABEL to each one of them. I don’t know personally any of the holders apart from the discussion about the BABEL project open for anyone to see.
It’s funny (but fortunate) because I got more iterations with the Spanish community (although I was aware of not forcing much to avoid bias) and many of them show some support, but none of them submitted their address before the unannounced suspension.

I would also send 10 tokens to @diligit (he helped me to see the experiment at this precise moment for the best). To @mozuku who was not supporting the project at this stage, but gave her feedback and deserves to be a part of it. And 10 more to @DRAMA from the Russian community because we could get over a misunderstood and he gave me good advice. If any of them are interested now or later, I’d suggest sending them the tokens. That’s decentralization.

Rest of the Babel Tokens (after thinking about it) I have sent them to @jackanorak (I apologize to him for not asking for permission, I like his view as a delegator and I would like to have his feedback. He’s not involved in any of this and I haven’t had direct contact with him (and he’s not my delegate, so he can speak freely and ask me for gas).

Now it’s up to some of the token holders or the rest of the community to take the lead for Babel DAO. And we all can keep participating for the next iterations and start working on concrete things.

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(But you created this proposal, and only you promoted it, and you applied for the grant on your own initiative.
This is your proposal, and this is not decentralization, because:

Thanks and sorry but I don’t want to participate in this experiment, I absolutely don’t understand what this proposal is about, what BabelDAO is for and its functions.
10 People who filled out the form, voluntary, have a better understanding of the purpose of this proposal, the functions of BabelDAO and how they will have to contribute, and therefore you have to participate as the person who created and promoted this proposal and understand the next steps.

I leave this discussion. I hope it succeeds.

It wasn’t, and people who didn’t read it in October or won’t read this one could jump to the wrong conclusions. And I’m over-justifying myself.

Ok, it doesn’t matter, let’s assume the proposal is not yours.
Final feedback: In my opinion, this proposal does not present anything new, it is intentionally structured abstractly, and certain aspects are emphasized that everyone agrees with, such as:


and yes, just pointing out some social aspects that everyone agrees with, but all the abstract text with terms from psychology, sociology, is intended to prevent most people from analyzing more constructively and objectively, because the author of the proposal obviously knows more, and the ideas emphasized are correct, it means that the proposal is also correct, but not!!!
But actually the point of this proposal is the following:

  1. Create a proposal/idea based on social principles like equality. (which are also respected in the OP Collective, there is no need for a derived mDAO just for this value)
  2. *Form a community (DAO) around this idea. (BABEL token and airdrop are good solutions for this purpose)
  3. Apply for governance grant.(But already as mDAO, community based on the values)
  4. Tokens obtained in the Governance Fund grant are delegated to a new delegate who will represent the interests of the mDAO in the Token House.

Thus a new delegate will be created based on the grant obtained from the Governance Fund, taking into account that other delegates have obtained voting power from the community supporting them, not from the Governance Fund, it is not fair.

And finally I repeat once again what I wrote previously:


@TheDoctor I like the idea of this but it needs some heavy improvements to work properly with the existing structure of Optimism. There are many fundamental aspects that are missing causing me to become less interested as time moves forward.

I suggest implementing some other mechanisms from the existing governance system in place such as pgf.

Does the OP Gov system need more active international members?

Can the OP Gov system be improved upon?

Will there be another DAO that solves this?

Let me tell you I have been digging deep into the systemic issues with less fortunate people being “blackballed” by organizations or networks claiming to provide public goods funding opportunities for others.

I am being told about discrimination and exclusion on this 4 hour long recorded Twitter spaces you can listen :headphones: here that most Public Goods establishments are racist and extremely judgmental when it comes to grant applications and providing funding for less unfortunate and underprivileged individuals.

I agree :point_up: that this is a big issue.

One of which I am also willing to tackle with the way our DAO will be structured as you have given me a great idea of how to come up with a solution for all of this!!!

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