[Intro] Martin, working on Opdates

Hey everyone! I’m mrtn and I’ve been a contributor NounsDAO for the last year and a half, before which I was a Product Manager at Google and NBA Top Shot.

I’ve worked on a variety of projects in Nouns, including Agora, BuilderDAO, and most recently building Mogu and Propdates.

Propdates (“proposal updates”) has found success within Nouns, with 150+ updates already posted by contributors in just a few months. It serves as a single place for contributors to post onchain updates about their work, and for community members and voters to track proposals’ progress. This increases accountability in the community and rewards good actors while weeding out bad actors! We’re also on track for another ambitious proposal to create new payments infrastructure for Nouns, releasing in the next few months.

I’ve become increasingly interested in Optimism Governance in the last few months, and we’ve started working on a version of Propdates for Optimism, tentatively called OPdates. During RetroPGF3, I noticed that sometimes voters had a hard time assessing a project’s progress over time; Propdates would create an onchain record leading up to the next RetroPGF round (and after a project receives grants) for contributors to show their work.

I’ve got a lot to learn on Optimism Governance (hoping to vote in the next cycle!), so would appreciate any pointers. I’d love to chat with any builders, delegates, and badgeholders who are thinking about accountability and transparency for contributors! Special shoutout to @Carlosjmelgar for the guidance so far and for nudging me to post here.


Welcome to the collective. Nouns builders have created many public goods contributions for the Ethereum ecosystem. Looking forward to seeing OPdates contribute to Optimism. Tagging @LauNaMu @ccerv1 @jonruth @Jonas for viz

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Hey mrtn, nice to see you in OP-land. Martin has been a relentless shippoooor in the nouns ecosystem and Propdates has really started to shift the ⌐◨-◨ culture to more expected accountability from funded proposers. Excited to see how this could be exported to OP. :saluting_face:


Hey Martin,

Loving the OPdates tool idea – could be a way to bring more transparency and accountability to the table.
I gave the beta a test with my litle project and here are some of my initial thoughts:

  • Considering how we value impact quantification, especially for RPGF (and grants) , adding a specific section in the updates for ‘Impact Metrics’ or ‘Impact Updates’ could be useful. I know it’s tricky since each project has different metrics, but maybe a flexible format for project owners to report their unique kind of impact?

  • If OPdates is going to showcase a bunch of projects, a search function or some sort of categorization is going to be essential for user navigation

  • A direct link to the governance forum proposal right next to the project title (like on Propdates) would be super handy. Also, an option to link to the project’s website or the end product would give users a better feel for what’s being developed.

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