Information Disclosure Request for 20M OP Exploit - Was There Insider Trading? What Happened Behind The Scenes?

I collected relevant public available information in retrospective and worked out a timeline of the exploit. From these information combined with OP token price history, I strongly suspect there was insider trading. Insiders were aware of the exploit 2 days earlier than public disclosure.

A summary of timeline:

Key information:

“Wintermute notified us that someone else had taken control of the address on June 06”, as posted by @jinglejamOP

Briefly speaking, Optimism team was notified by Wintermute of the exploit on June 6th. The disclosure came to public on June 8th. During these 2 days, OP token price fell from $1.3 to $0.8 (BEFORE the public announcement was made). A 40% drop within 2 days is hardly explained unless there was insider trading.

I request Optimism and Wintermute to explain:

(1) Why did it take 2 additional days after the exploit to disclose the information? (meanwhile, Optimism tweeted about the airdrop retrospective on June 6th as if nothing major happened)

(2) Was there insiders who, based on information about the exploit not yet available to the public, sold OP tokens before the public announcement?

If these questions are unanswered, we cannot trust any promise on mitigation plans that Wintermute and Optimism have made.